EP 2224 In a  world of almost infinite possibilities, what do recruiters look for?

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What Do Recruiters Look For? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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2224 of no bs job search advice radio
I'm Jeff Altman the big game hunter and
welcome back to Monday
and uh today's show is one where i
answer a question from someone
what do recruiters look for when they're
trying to fill a position
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what do recruiters look for when seeking
candidates to fill a role
how can a person increase their chances
of being selected
what recruiters either corporate or
third-party recruiters for
whether corporate or third-party
recruiters are looking for
are people with number one the skills
needed to perform the job
thus your resume and linkedin profile
have to demonstrate that to them
that's number one how can you increase
your chances of being chosen
make the fit obvious to them as though a
six-year-old is reading the resume
because you know the fact of the matter
is everyone's busy and they don't want
to go to page three to find relevant
they're never going to page three make
it prominent within no more than one
page down when they're looking at
something on their screen so that in
this way
they know that you can do this job
and if you're applying through an
applicant tracking system i always
encourage people to make page one of the
the cover letter
and to use a format for cover letters
that you know some people call it a
t-square there are other names for it
but it's the idea on page one you list
the requirements of the position
and the functionality of the role and
demonstrate how long and how recently
you've done it so let's say if you're a
you indicate a particular technical
skill flush left that's in the job
description on the ad flush right you
talk about how long and how recently
you've done it they're going to want you
to do this
you put that in the
flush left flush right how long have
recently omit things that you haven't
done okay
and by making it page one
on an application and by the way try to
avoid applying for jobs
you're just competing with too many
people the goal is to cut the line but
if you don't know how to do this
you know
and you're going to apply this is the
way to do it so page one of the resume
is stuffed with relevant keywords which
makes the applicant tracking system
think of you as a better fit
so that's today's show i hope you found
it helpful and if you did here are a few
things i can do to help you with your
job search beyond simply being your
first of all i've got a new book out
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my website has a ton of great
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hope you have a terrific day and most
be great


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