What Can I Do Now That the Labor Market is Slowing?

What Can I Do Now That the Labor Market is Slowing?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

It’s almost the end of the second quarter of 2022. #hiringstaff has started to change from all out mad dash everywhere to firms are starting to cut back. As a response to a question from Jack Kelly about preparing people for #jobsearch #rejection I wrote, “I’ve started by making people aware of signals that hiring managers give that signals a George Costanza break up moment (It’s not you, it’s me) and seeing if they can get that leader to speak openly about what their thinking is and the struggles they are facing. For some, this summer will be the last opportunity they will have to land in a full-time job for this year until calendar year companies finalize budgets for 2023 in October.

For leaders, I suggest that they do outreach to see if they can be written into the new budget, even if they have to do a contract for the October to January period. AND the warning alarm I have been raising is that the music is about to stop and they need to find a chair fast before someone else grabs it.

As for coping with rejection, I recorded a video some years ago that I think is helpful after the fact https://youtu.be/0gHQz9ZoBl8 I don’t believe it is useful to prepare people for rejection other than to say “the statistics are that you are far more likely to be rejected than hired.” If I over-talk, they try to avoid losing and don’t win.

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