What Are You Looking for In Your Next Job? | JobSearchTV.com

What Are You Looking for In Your Next Job?

Here, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to answer the question, “What are you looking for in your next job?

What Are You Looking for In Your Next Job? | JobSearchTV.com

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deaf up in the big game Claire I'm
referred to as the big-game hunter
because my hunting down leaders and
staff organizations for more than 40
years I've got me a headhunter hat on
just in case you were wondering and I'm
gonna talk with you about one of those
tough interview questions you know
there's so many different ways that
people can answer this I just want to
give you the crux of a good way to
answer it so the question is so what are
you looking for in the next firm that
you join a job that you take what's
gonna be most important to you that firm
knew there are lots of different things
that you could talk about but you start
off by talking about I want to join a
firm where I can feel successful and be
successful where I can help to drive the
organization where I can help and that's
obviously through a leadership role
where I can support the leadership if
you're honest and fro in accomplishing
the objectives I want to feel like I'm
making a contribution the success of the
firm and then I am successful now as
well no I don't want to ignore the fact
that I'm looking for them for a decent
compensation but let's assume that
that's taken care of you know ultimately
I want to feel like I'm going to get
challenged that I have an environment
that I can be successful with I can
drive the success of the organization or
support the success of the organization
or the efforts for success in the
organization depending upon the level
that you're at within the therm this
kind of an answer helps to move the ball
forward toward the goal line because
again you can't make it seem like you're
you know
looking around then just trying to pull
something out of your butt you have to
be able to state it with conviction so
always think you know I remember in
college I had to read a book by Max
Weber called the the Protestant ethic
and the summarized what it was you know
it was always about I want to learn I
want to work hard I want to get ahead
thus the theme you have to put in with
this answer is I'm prepared to work hard
I want to help support the success of
this firm I want to feel successful I
want to be compensated for I'm going to
feel challenged and I'd want to help
this organization win so this is Jeff
Alton I hope you found this video
helpful if you didn't you're watching on
youtube sure leave a comment click the
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do something lets people know that was
worthwhile then go over to the big game
hunter dot us all one word the big game
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easy you can get a complimentary
subscription to no BS job search advice
easy in there and nobody's hiring advice
easy however both I'm fine with that you
can also download my books and guys the
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them you know it's how it's I make it
available there's the ability to search
positions I'm recruiting for places that
even post your resume to easy to work
with career builder links access to
indeed and job search universe both over
thousands of other sites for leads so
you don't have to find all these places
so come over to the big game hunter dot
us and go explore a few final things
please first of all if your current
firms trying to hire someone send me an
email at the address below let me know
who to contact and whether I should
mention your name
want to help the firm staff positions
after all if you're in a leadership role
it could make the difference between
wanting to go and deciding to stay if
we're not already connected on LinkedIn
send me a connection request
linkedin.com /i n /the big-game hunter
I accept connection requests from people
worldwide except if you look like a
spammer to me except if you're a third
party recruiter finally if you have a
question about some aspect the job how
things are not alone most people do but
make the mistake of asking the wrong
people for advice you know friends
family former managers yeah people who
know as little as they do a bad job
ethic instead contact me through live
person calm or a job search before
approaching expert I'd love to help you
I'm happy to answer your questions this
is Jeff Albin hope you have a great day
take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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