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I want to talk with you about the evolution of interviewing and where it is headed to right now. For Job Search Radio, I interview someone representing a company called, HireVue. They are not a unique organization in providing a service that allows firms to do prescreening at the time of application.

What do I mean? Not only do you deal with the applicant tracking system, but their initial screening interviews are done by video.

What do they do? They will ask you some pointed questions, not generic questions. For example, if you are a programmer, I may give you a coding test and offer you a few different ways of doing it, including a follow-up question that asks, "Why did you choose that option for doing it?"

Firms are starting to accumulate big data analytics in order to determine, not simply who is a good hire by comparison with people within their own organization, but who are good hiring managers based upon previous interview performance. There are a lot of analytics that they are starting to collect.

I don't know that it's really possible to prepare for the question and, in the case of HireVue, the person I interviewed who is 1 of the founders of the firm, Chip Luman, spoke about how they have preparatory questions that allows you to practice.

Here's what I want you to do. Take your camera and ask a friend to ask you generic questions. Answer it to the camera. In this way, whether you are sitting at your desk or just doing this by phone and answering the question by video, you are used to speaking to the camera. You are used to looking directly at the screen, making eye contact as I am doing, and doing things to prepare for the process of interviewing.

Play it back a few times and see where you fumble. See where you appear uncomfortable. What I want to help you do is become more at ease with the process. I can't help you with the specific questions that are being asked but I can help you by encouraging you to practice and rehearse. The front of the camera and speaking to it in a way that allows you to feel comfortable.

Like any skill, practice will help you get much better. These interviews are being done in a way that should be convenient for you; it's not like you have to be there on Tuesday at 2 PM. They will send you a link and you will do it while you are at home. You get comfortable in a place in your house or apartment (By the way, be sure there is no dirty laundry behind you. Make sure you dress properly at the time that you do the interview. I know that these things should go without saying, but they can't be left without saying because people still do it).

Again, practice will help you get better. Get comfortable in front of the camera in this context, in much the same way that may be begotten comfortable doing video for YouTube.

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