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Two students graduating from the same institute appeared in a job interview, one got selected and the other was rejected. What are the reasons for their acceptance and rejection?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in many different ways and I received the question from someone
I've been aware of this question since I was a rookie in recruiting back in the
Stone Ages when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I noticed people who had
started the same training program on the same day both deciding to leave and
interviewing with the same company. And, you know, the longe and the short of it is a firm
chooses one over another. So this variation-- 2 students graduating from the same
university appeared in a job interview one was selected in the other one was
rejected what are the reasons for their acceptance and rejection there are a
million reasons why this can happen including one person wanted more money
than the other. One person may have spoken better. One person may have gotten
there late and the other one on time one person may have interviewed better
connected with the interviewer or answered their questions more effectively there
are so many reasons why one person is chosen including they're likable and the
other one isn't they may both know the same thing but one person is able to
express it better than the other. Look, the skills needed to find a job are
different than those they need to do a job and the fact of the matter is we
don't know anything in particular about this
person's background to really judge what we know is the simple data one person
was chosen, one person wasn't. One could have worn a better kind of clothing that day
Their shoes shoes may not have been shined and it caused the interviewer to reject them,
purely subjective criteria that has nothing to do with the job but, the fact of
the matter is firms through this all the time and the result winds up being
people lose out because they're lazy or they're unprepared or they do things
that sabotage themselves it cost them opportunities remember skills needed to
find a job are different than those needed to do a job
and that difference most people don't get they just think if they can recite a
bunch of facts they should be chosen and that's the underpinning behind this
question why they choose one person versus another it may have nothing to do
with skills everything to do with skills we just don't know hope you found this
helpful. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. If
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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