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EP 1614 The question is one that tests for honesty and integrity But in the way I show you how to answer it, the reversal shows your wisdom.

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Today, I want to talk with you about one of those tough interview questions that is obviously not a, particularly tough question, but it's an interesting question from your standpoint because there is a signal that is being sent by the question may tell you something.

You go to the store and you buy some things for $9 period you hand them a $10 bill and go home and then you open your wallet or purse and discover that you have $20 there. They obviously did you the wrong change. What do you do? Do you keep it or do? Do you go to the store? Do You donate it? Why do you do it?

So, here's the answer. You go back to the store. You give them $19 and change.

Remember, you gave them $10 to pay for $9. You have held one dollar back and, then, from there, you give them $19 and explain what happened.

But here is the employer question. Because there is signal in their asking the question that they have an issue with honesty in their firm. Because that's really what the question’s about.

It wouldn't be asked of someone beyond simply low-level administrative roles, or it's like to be asked the people in a professional capacity. It is going to be asked of potential staff; it is going to be asked for less experienced people because they want to know if you're honest or not. So, here's the question you would ask once you and answered the question.

The question you would ask is, “it is an interesting question that you posed because it signals to me that perhaps you have an issue beyond simply wanting to know the answer. Am I my reading too much into this or is there issue around honesty and integrity around here that this question signals?”

You're giving them up an out because what you're saying is, “Maybe, I’m reading too much into this.” It's hard for some firms to admit that that is the real issue of watching done. But what you have done you show that you have the wisdom and maturity beyond simply giving the straightforward answer and letting it lay there.

So, the straightforward answer is, “I would go back ith the money I give them $19 back and explain what happened,” to asking them “ Am I reading too much into this, or is there something related to honesty or integrity that's behind the question? Is that a problem for you here?” Now what you've is the open this opposite area of conversation for them to reveal to you and shown that you have a maturity and wisdom that goes beyond the obvious answer.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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