EP 1984 There is one obvious thing not to say (but immature people might) and then there is the correct answer.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people. I'm a job search and leadership coach. I
do executive coaching with some people, as well.. I'm the head coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ com.
The question for today is "what do you do when your boss or manager is wrong?" This is a classic
one of those tough interview questions designed to expose you as an imbecile or to show the correct
degree of moderation. Now I'll simply say this is normally asked at a manager level or a staff
level. If you're in the C-suite, obviously, you're not going to get this question. So,
what not to say? That's easy. "Never happens! Never happened to me because
my boss is always right! I treat them like a customer. The customer is always right. Well,
my boss is always right." Buzzer. Wrong. That is not the correct answer. Everyone makes mistakes.
So you want to acknowledge, "Hey look, my boss makes an occasional mistake. Doesn't happen
often but it has happened." And the wrong answer from there is to talk about immature things like,
"you know, we talked amongst ourselves in the group. We muttered a lot. You know,
the kind of backbiting that some groups behave in." Obviously, you don't want to relay that
to an interviewer because all they're sitting there doing is thinking to themselves, "okay,
this is a problem person on my hands." Instead, what you do is say something to the effect of,
"you know it doesn't happen very often but when it happens, my boss has a regular meeting scheduled
with me and I work with the assumption that he or she (depending upon gender, of course) may have
missed something. So, during our meeting I may say something to the effect of by the way, did
you take . . . with regard to your decision about such-and-such, were you aware that or did you take
into consideration that . . . " and you identify a particular issue that might have existed that
they hadn't, that you think they might not have considered. Now, if you were successful
you might say, "then they thanked me because they weren't aware of that. If you were unsuccessful,
you might say "and they thanked me for bringing it up. Yes, they did take it into consideration
and then they explained to me why they made the choice." And, for me, it was a good learning to
ask the question in a way that I felt like I was being heard. I certainly wasn't grumbling
about it with my colleagues, although some of them were., And from there, saying "just dealing with
it directly showed my respect for the individual and they learned something from the experience.
Whichever way you choose to tackle this question works well. The one thing that doesn't work is
saying it's never happened. So I hope you found this helpful. Again, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big
Game Hunter. If you're interested in asking me a few questions about your job search the best
way to do it is through an app called magnify M. Agni Fi which is iOS only or if you press though
experts com that's a phone call with me either way you're charged for my time if you're interested in
my coaching you then connect with me on LinkedIn head linkedin.com forward slash high end forward
slash the big game hunter message me that after that after we're connected that you're interested
in coaching I'd love to help you now if you're outside of the US and you want to connect with
me please indicate that you saw this video because. I'm bumping up against Lincoln's limitations on
people I can be connected with and as such I don't accept I don't normally accept connection requests
outside of the US but if you mention the video. I will I hope you have a great day and take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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