Tough Interview Questions: How Do You Get in The Zone?

How do you get in the zone

I’ll simply say that this is a dumb question.  It would never be asked of a senior person.  It tends to be asked of staff-level people.  How do you get in the zone?  It’s very simple.  What you have noticed on your way in what’s the energy like in the office that you are interviewing with.  Is there a buzz?  Is it loud?  Or is a quiet?  What is it like energetically?

If you haven’t noticed it, you have to take a cautious approach.  Again, if this is true of you, you talk about, “I love working in a place with high-energy.”  Or, “I love working in a quiet place.  When I get in the zone, I’m locked in and the distraction of other noise . . . “

If you haven’t noticed it on the way in, you say something all bit more ambivalent or wishy-washy for lack of a better term.  It’s hedging your answer.

The way you say it is something along the lines of, “Hey look, I have worked in a lot of different places and I had been able to key in very well and perform at a high level.  What is my preference?  I like working with smart people.”  Thus, you deflect off of working or talking about the energy level in the office and focusing on that. 

Again, either mirror what you walked into.  Or, you hedge, and that gets you off the hook.

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