Third Party Recruiters: How to Get on Their Radar

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

I discuss how to get on a recruiter’s radar.

The Recruiter “Con”

I’m here today with my daily video about some elements of job search, which is totally going to be about working with third-party recruiters and how to get on the radar.

You know, what you may consider a recruiter may actually be like an agency. And by that I mean a firm that basically responds to resumes that are sent to them. They are not out there aggressively trying to find people. They are not hunting down leaders and staff for organizations. So, I want to deal with all contingencies here.

So, in the traditional agency model, they receive a resume. They’re trying to respond to it. They’re trying to fill jobs, right. And it doesn’t matter which type you work with, many contingency third party agents, are very effective in filling jobs. So how do you get on their radar? There’s a couple of ways.

Number one is to actually submit a resume that demonstrates you fit the job that they’re trying to fill. You’ve seen it. It’s the roadmap for what they’re looking for. Take a look at your resume and ask yourself, “How does that really match up? Does it match up? Do I have the experience but my resume doesn’t really express it well? I need to fix the resume,” because that’s going to be the benchmark by which they go.

Putting Your Resume Together

You can also get on their radar by . . . their are going to be times that they’ll contact you and say, “Hey, I’m doing a search for client. Do you know someone,” and being supportive of them. If you get abusive, and one particular recruiter calls you every day four times a day for referrals and just tell them, “this is getting to be a little too much. I’m willing to help but I’m not stupid, I’ve got a job to do. It’s not putting money in your pocket. I’m here to help. willing to help but why don’t you send me an email with this information.”

Now, in the true recruiter model, they’re out there hunting for you. They’re trying to find you. If you’re working with or at a level where they’re going to be dealing with a contingency firm or an executive search firm, it really doesn’t matter. Part of it is they wanted them to find you and there’s a number of easy ways to do it.

Number one is you start being in situations where there’s publicity about you. So, for example, you’ve written a Firms are going to wind up looking for someone like that because they represent being an expert. In other words, that’s how you are not at that high a level where you’re an author and publishing material with a major publisher.

Things you can do is speak at conferences. You can be part of the program for a training group where you’re presenting with a subject. It doesn’t have to be the most sophisticated presentation but understand they’ll find you through Google.

Another way– your LinkedIn profile. There are recruiters to operate at that level. They’re looking through LinkedIn and need to demonstrate a keyword rich LinkedIn profile where they’re finding you based upon your experiences. They’re seeing things in the profile, such as articles that you’ve written for LinkedIn, connections to podcasts where you are interviewed, or, perhaps, PowerPoints on SlideShares that help firms recognize and help recruiters recognize I should say that you’re not the average individual. By doing these PowerPoints and putting them up on SlideShare connected to your LinkedIn profile, it’s a great way to stand out from the pack anf demonstrate that you are an expert.

Have a website where you have your resume. Have a blog on that website, where you talk about, not your family, but professional matters. These were all great ways for discovery to occur, because, understand, real headhunters are out there trying to find you and they are looking for people in ways where they’re not trying to find you on LinkedIn most of the time. They may use LinkedIn to correlate, but they’re using Google to try and find people who will impress their client just by the fact that there was pr about them and they presented a whole host of things along these lines.

So, i want you to think of your career as a business and, in doing so, we look at what businesses do to be discovered. You know it’s not just advertising that they do because their are a lot of places that don’t advertise that you go to, right? It’s not just purely because you’ve seen them in your neighborhood that you’re buying. After all, the first time you shop ped on Amazon, you never heard of them before, right? No idea of what to expect. But you went to amazon and had a great experience.

Again, you want to be discovered and put yourself in the position to be discovered that will go a long way toward being discovered by third party recruiters. Again, it was working with at the agency level with someone who only responds to resumes that are sent to them. Remember, your resume just has to demonstrate the fir. They’ll be happy to help.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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