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EP 1766 Recruiters. Can’t live with them or without them. One thing I know is that most job hunters hate recruiters AND there is something to be learned from successful ones.

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Recruiters. People hate third-party recruiters. I was talking with someone yesterday and he started laughing when I commented about recruiters. They are just not popular people with a lot of folks.

But, if you or someone who's job hunting, there's something that you can learn from recruiters, something that, in your networking, something in your follow-up, something that I think is very useful for many of you. That is the quality that the recruiter has where they are relentless, where they pursue and they challenge and they, at times, argue and advocate and never give up.

Now, you may say, “Well, they are obnoxious.” Well, there closing deals and they found that this is a behavior that works. Being nice may not be working for you. You know, being nice – – waiting for the phone to ring period never calling people. Never emailing.

“They’ll call me if they are interested.”


I'm not saying that you should call every 10 minutes or email every 30 minutes, but you know how this works – – out of sight, out of mind. If you don't reach back to people, if you don't try to reconnect with them, if you don't network and, in your networking, try to maintain a relationship with someone, you know, you can expend a lot of energy unnecessarily. I say “unnecessarily” because you get results and have to keep doing this stuff over and over again and there's no point to it a few not doing it well.

Again, being relentless doesn't mean “ridiculous.” It does mean perseverance and most of you are way too passive with your lives and with your careers and you don't really take things head on.

Within your organization, you're waiting for the promotion. Why aren’t you doing something to make it happen? Seriously. Why aren’t you doing something to make it happen? Why aren’t you pursuing your boss's boss?

“Oh! That would not be a good thing.”

Why? Why wouldn't it be a good thing?

Again, you have created this limitation that this is the way it's supposed to be and it doesn't have to work that way. If you are valuable, if what you're doing is quality work… for real, not what your mother tells you, you go and challenge status quo. If the status quo doesn't like that, you go to someplace that will like it because no one is looking out for you more than you do. If you abdicate to your employer, you are out of luck if you wait for the phone to ring, you won't get anywhere.

So, take on the quality of relentlessness from recruiters. I’m telling you, it will help you land more jobs.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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