If you’re someone who doesn’t quite know what to say or ask when networking, here’s your answer.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ.com. And that's a site with curated information you can watch, listen to or read, that will help you find work more quickly. And if you take out a lifetime membership at the site, I basically give the cost of it back to you with an hour of free coaching. So, again, that's JobSearchCoachingHQ.com.

Now, I wanted to talk with you today about networking, and offer you the simplest way, the simplest question to ask when you're networking. Now, my thought is, for most people, networking is one of those awkward things, excuse me. One of those awkward things that people are afraid to do or uncomfortable doing. They're uncomfortable, primarily, because they don't know exactly what to do which brings up their fear of looking foolish. And the result winds up being, you know, people get stuck. I get stuck not doing it and making excuses for not doing.

But it's important to do. Because the statistics are 70% of positions are filled as a result of networking and out of the 70%, 70% of them or 49% come as a result of introductions to people that your network knows who you don't. And this gets corroborated on the corporate side, when they talk about 49% of positions are filled as a result of employee referrals. Get the point here? You've got tonetwork, that's half of the way that jobs get filled.

So here's what I want to encourage you to do. And this is the magic question of networking. You know, you've got a phone, you've got people that you text with, right? Start with them and start re-engaging with them.

"Hey, feels like a long time," or, "feels like 100 years since we last spoke. So, I thought I would reach out to get reconnected." Do not make this call or text or conversation or meeting that's about "Do you know any jobs? Do you know any jobs?" Make it a getting reacquainted conversation.

A little while later, a couple of days later, as you start thinking about the relationship again, you want to reach out again, the magic question to ask is, "who do you know who (fill in the blank)?"

"Who do you know who might be in a managers role who could use someone like me? What I do is such and such?"

"Oh, I don't know anyone?"

"Is there someone you might be able to point me to who might be able to help? Because I'm just looking for connections at this point and ways to network to someone who might be interested in someone like me? Do you happen to know someone who . . . "

So, when you think about networking, most people want to help, but they don't know exactly how. And if you ask for a job, you get advice. You ask for advice, sometimes you get a job later. So, you never asked for a job. But always ask them "who do you know who might be able to use someone like me," "might be in this field who I could talk with because I'm trying to do some networking to get to organizations."

But, always remember this phrase, "who do you know who . . . " in order to do the networking that takes you to the next level, outside of your immediate fabric of relationships and gets to another level?

I'm Jeff Altman. I hope you found this helpful. If you did and you're watching on YouTube, click the like button, do something that lets people know that it was worthwhile. Leave a comment, whatever.

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I also want to mention, if you're interested in one on one coaching, connect with me on LinkedIn, at LinkedIn.com/in/TheBigGameHunter. You get access to my network as a result, which is really good. Because I'm LinkedIn member 7653 and I've got a great brand, The Big Game Hunter, right? Got your attention and, as a result, a lot of people reach out to me. So, again, connect with me, The Big Game Hunter, or LinkedIn.com/in/TheBigGameHunter. If you're interested in my coaching you,, once we're connected ,message me about that. We'll set up time for a free discovery call, okay? Hope you have a great day and take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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