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EP 2104 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter gives you his best tip for interviewing at a small company or startup.

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Hi, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm referred to as The Big Game Hunter because I've been hunting down leaders and staff organizations for 40 plus years now. And, today, I want to give you the best interview tip I can offer you, for someone who's interviewing at a small company or startup.

And I figured this one out years ago, when a friend of mine told me he was going to be interviewing for a smaller firm in New Jersey and I said, let's Google the firm for a second and see if we can find anyone who worked there on the web.

So we go online, and we find three or four resumes. Part of the way we did it is we put the company name in quotation marks, and then we addedthe term "resume," and then minus job minus jobs. And the idea was to take away companies or recruiters that were advertising job listings, and see if we could find them resumes online.

So, we found three resumes and I asked him to contact these people and ask them if they knew the hiring manager and ask them what it was like to work there. What the hiring manager was like, what their likes were, what there pet peeves were, what they were like to work for. He learned some really useful information, did well on the interview, but decided this wasn't the right place for him because of some of the things that he heard.

Doesn't that make that a useful tip for you? Because, you know, you're getting an insider's perspective and,, as I said to him, admittedly, these are people who left the firm. These are people who no longer work there. But you can do this. You can do this every time you're interviewing for a firm. And when you interview with a big company, it's a lot harder oto piece that piece out who the hiring manager is going to be meeting with. And you're going to be taking up a lot of time finding this person. But at small companies, it's a lot easier.

At that time, LinkedIn was not as dominant a tool. You can use LinkedIn. Just reach out to people who work at the firm or who did work at the firm. Ask them if they know this hiring manager, what it's like to work there, what their likes, dislikes or pet peeves are, what it's like working in the group . . . stuff along those lines. And that'll really help you walk in the door for your interview.

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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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