Tell me a challenge you had where the best way forward was not clear-cut. How did you decide what to do? Behavioral interview questions for them always involve the STAR formula.

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Hi! It's Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a
coach who helps people professionally in a number of different ways.
The question for today is, "tell me about a challenge you had where the best
way forward was not clear-cut. How did you decide what to do?
And we're going to do this Amazon-style.
Amazon-style and that translates into you're going to use the STAR
formula for telling stories-- Situation or. Task, Action, Result. In this case, I'm
going to say situation and task, action, result
because I think it's better to give a little bit more.
Now, what's the situation you stepped into? What was the task you were assigned?
What was the action that you took and what was the result that you got?
Remember, you are the hero of this story.
You're the person who rides in and saves the day,
just like in all those old movies where the hero comes in
and saves the world! Well, let's make up a story. So, we had a
situation with a client where we had a deliverable four weeks
out and two days before we had to deliver it
suddenly, the client changed everything and it kind of shocked all of us.
Now, our job is to make clients happy and our job here is to deliver what they
needed although everything was completely
different than what was asked for before, our job
was to get this done and thus what I did was . . . and this becomes the action
that you took. You know, I met with him one more time just to make sure we
understood it, see if there were any variables that we
needed to be aware of since everything was completely different.
Then, from there, what I did was and then you go into details about it.
The result was we delivered on time. Like we did the presentation at the meeting
had been previously scheduled for two days out. We had a great
PowerPoint going. We had an engaged audience. We had a thrilled
client. They cheered at the end of the
presentation and you could see the admiring gazes
from them consistently as they looked around the room at one
another seeming surprised by how well we had done.
The result of this was our firm won the business.
It generated however many million dollars in revenue. It was . . .
and everyone lived happily after ever after that's the way you construct the
story. Pick out an event from your life. Do it
Amazon-style and remember to keep your answers concise.
Now, no one wants to listen for three or four minutes
to your story. No one listens that long, right?
So, you want to keep your answers to about a minute to a minute 15 and then
let them ask follow-up questions that allow them
to get to where they want to get to. I'm. Jeff Altman. hope you found this helpful.
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Hope you have a terrific day and be great! Take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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