EP 1947 I saw an article with this title and thought their answers were simplistic. Here’s the “No BS” way to do it.

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I saw this article, I use an app called feedly that gives me some information about different things I'm interested in, and I found a job search topics because frankly, the advice that I see is awful. I like the topics that sometimes people choose.
So this is one that was on feedly; that's an app. I know, it's for iOS, because that's what I use. And let me just give you the infantile answers that were offered in this particular article.
You must be proactive. Now that part is true. And the notion that you let the opportunity come to you without trying to create the venue for opportunity, you know, as this one suggests, is infantile.
Over perform. Let's see now . . . be likeable. Network. Network is an interesting one because most people think of networking as only done while they're job hunting. I think it is a career thing. You want to have opportunities come back to you.
Oh! Be attractive. Nonsense. Continue learning and developing skills. Know how to manage yourself. Know how to market yourself. Okay.
Here's what I'm going to suggest is the correct answer. Networking and marketing yourself are, truthfully. things that you want to be doing. So, yes, being proactive in creating a brand so that people are drawn to you magnetically, is an excellent approach.
You want to be found online. You want to be sought out online. You don't always want to be chasing opportunities. You can do that in many, many different ways. I've covered that in other videos. Ultimately, the notion that you lurch from job search to job search and do it then is stupid. It is the wrong approach. You want to be doing it continuously.
The next thing you want to be thinking in terms of is changing jobs or your life because here's the reality. If you change jobs every two to three years, I'm going to work with three years because I want the math to be shown to you. If you change jobs every three years, let's go through what its value is to you over six years.
So the first thing, you change jobs, and you get a $10,000 raise, and you get no increases after that. You are $30,000 ahead pre-tax. If you change jobs three years after that, you have the first $30,000, right, you have that money. you now have $60,000 over the next three years. So that totals up to $90,000. All because you changed jobs twice over the course of that period of time.
Now another smart moves is to go to an organization that offers a bonus, because bonuses increase the value. If you got a $10,000 bonus each year from these organizations. And, again, six years time, $90,000 plus $60,000. Already $150,000 ahead of the game. So think about or proactively, consciously look for organizations where you can learn and grow.
You want to remain marketable, because, otherwise no one wants to hire you, right? So think in terms of changing jobs every two to three years, for at least $10,000 more. You will get raises within that period of time. Join an organization that offers a cash bonus, even if it's $5,000. That's an extra $30,000 and $120,000 ahead of the game.
So. that's how you manage your career in order to make millions more. You always think in terms of how do you draw people to you? How do you build your brand so that people are interested. And, as importantly, you change jobs regularly for an increase, and to organizations where there's a bonus.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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