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Stupid Interview Mistakes: Being Nervous |

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You can control your nervousness and I explain how.


Now, I call this a stupid interview mistake. Part of the reason is, I'm not going to let you get away with lying to yourself that this is completely involuntary, is the reason that you're nervous is that you're unprepared. You don't know how to answer the questions that you will be asked on the interview;you were afraid of being found out and failing at the interview.
Now, part of the reason that you feel unprepared . . . I'm going to let you in on a secret. Come closer. Ready? You are unprepared? You haven't practiced answers to all the questions that you'll tend to be asked on an interview. You can't anticipate every single one. But, heck! There are a lot that you are going to be asked whether it's, "Tell me about yourself," or "How much are you looking for?" Whatever it is, . . . "Tell me about the work that you did."
These are questions that are predictable and you walk into the interview, never having practiced the answer. Of course,, you're nervous! You get to a point where you say, "Oh my god! I'm talking for a long time!
I'll tell you folks, great athletes all practice plays. Why aren't you practicing plays. Seriously. Why aren't you practicing the answers to questions that you're probably going to be asked? Why don't you prepare to talk about the things that you are ready know the firm is going to ask you about in order to understand what's your ability and capabilities are?
Nervousness is not an excuse. Nervousness is a diagnosis that you have that you feel unprepared. Now once you have prepared, and if you still feel nervous, well, that's performance anxiety. How do you deal with performance anxiety?
Number one is prepare. Number two is relax your mind. Very simply, you can talk to your mind and say, "Hey, I'm well-prepared. I may not get this job but, I'm well-prepared for the day. Relax. Let's talk a little bit later after the interview. I appreciate you being helpful. But right now just take a break. Let's connect later on. Let's see how I did."
Was I actually well-prepared? Probably. As such, your worry is completely unnecessary. That's how you deal with nervousness. Number one, with preparation. Number two. Understanding that nervousness is a fear that you're going to screw up. By being prepared, you're probably not and, as a result, you know you're ready to deliver.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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