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DH Lawrence and thoughts on goodness in your life.
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This is "The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast," Episode 157. I'm your host Jeff Altman and welcome. I've got a little bit of laryngitis today. I was off on one of those men's retreats I do from time to time. Got back yesterday. Don't know why I've got laryngitis. I did no screaming, no yelling, no nothing . . . but my voice isn't quite right today so excuse me if it doesn't sound normal cause it doesn't! That's the reality to it.

SEGMENT 1: And I thought I would start off today with a d. h. Lawrence poem. Actually two of them, I think, but let me just start off with the first one called Sun-Men that is absolutely wonderful. That's sun hyphen men from d. h. Lawrence.

"Men should group themselves into a new order of sun-men,

each one turning his breast straight to the son of sons in the center of all things,

and from his own little inward sun,

nodding to the great one, and receiving from the great one,

his strength and his promptings and refusing the petty gogging promptings of human weakness.

And walking each in his own sun glory, with bright legs and uncringing buttocks."

SEGMENT 2. Another from dh Laurens called "Sun-Women."

"How strange it would be if some women came forward and said,

'We are sun-women. We belong neither to men nor her children or even ourselves but to the sun.

And how delicious it is to feel sunshine upon one.

And how delicious to open like a marigold when a man comes looking down upon one.

With sun in his face so the woman cannot but open like a marigold to the sun and throw with glittering rays."

it's a lovely poem. Absolutely lovely.

SEGMENT 3. Women, men, I want to remind you of one thing as you go on to your week or whenever you listen to this and that is "you are inherently good. You make mistakes. Sometimes, you do the wrong thing. and you wind up being punished for it, but no matter. You are inherently good.

Sometimes you're distracted from that memory. Sometimes you forget. But when you awaken once more to it, you are reminded that you are inherently good.

Don't forget it. Just remember You are good.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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