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It amazes me that people ask this question. What gives you the idea that they haven’t seen your resume?

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Another 1 of those stupid interview mistakes people make, so often. There is a mistake. You get a phone call, so was talking with you on the phone and they're going through your background. Then, you under those famous words, "Have you seen my resume?"

Okay, why do you think they haven't seen your resume? Or maybe your LinkedIn profile? Is there any clue in there that let you know that they doubt 10 numbers out of the blue and decided to talk to you? Of course they've see something about your resume or your LinkedIn profile. Or maybe they had an old resume in their system.

Ultimately, what the trying to get is a feel for you and your capabilities and how you express yourself. Understand, recruiters, whether they are third-party or corporate, don't flip resumes to hiring managers like they are burgers in a fast food restaurant. Ultimately what they are paid to do is evaluate and assess.

In asking you questions, what are they evaluating?

1. Whether you fit the role.
2. How they think, depending upon you have your personality comes across, you will get along with the hiring manager and with the team.
3. A sense of your oral communication skills. After all, you will be talking about the subject that you know intimately-- what you do. It's not all that complicated will recruiters do. Recruiters are there to evaluate and assess people.

Generally, less experienced people will ask this question. Occasionally, a more experienced person will. I say "occasionally," because experienced people sometimes forget that when they hire people for jobs on their staff, this is no expectation of what someone will do for them-- evaluating and assessing people prior to referring them.

Don't be foolish and make 1 of the stupid interview mistakes and ask, "have you seen my resume?" Of course they have seen your resume or your LinkedIn profile or an old copy of your resume where you did something that piqued their interest and thought that the client might be interested in your background.

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