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When you appear low energy, manages think they need to light a fire underneath you and that you do not have that fire in you. Who wants that?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for And welcome.

Today's video is another one of those stupid interview mistakes people make way too often. And maybe it's their fear acting up. But appearing low energy can be a problem for most of you when you interview. Why do I say that? Low energy is interpreted as people who don't care. They're going to have to havea fire lit under them, and they don't have a fire within them.

Understand, when firms want to hire, they don't want to have to motivate. Motivation is that idea of lighting a fire underneath someone to get them to do things. Being low energy success suggests that they're always kind of have to make you do stuff. And who the hell wants to do that?

As someone who's managing or leading an organization, you want people coming to you with ideas, even in the most junior roles, even in administrative, clerical kind of work. You don't want to be pushing people to do their job. And I understand some of these jobs are incredibly boring, and the life is taken out of you. But if you're looking for work, you have to show the passion, the zeal, the drive and desire to be effective and successful.

By having the twinkle in your eyes and the smile on your face as you speak, I'm not suggesting you sit there the entire time like an idiot. But you want to show that to have desire and hunger and appetite to be effective and to do the job well.

Low energy comes off as been flat. And this isn't about extrovert versus introvert. I know a lot of introverts who have that kind of desire but what firms like to see is passion. They'd like to see drive, they love to see desire. And unless you show those qualities and instead apear low energy, you're going to have a search that takes a lot longer than it needs to, unless this is an organization, and there's so few of them out there, that likes people who are little more than robots, because that's how you come across robotically.

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