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I’m going to ask you to do a little work to understand yourself so you can help others understand you.

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Standing out on an interview is an important quality. And for all, if you sound an act like everyone else, they can choose anyone. But the idea is that they choose you. How do you get to that point where they want to choose you?

I’m going to be sneaky here. This is an exercise in you understanding who you are, and what your brand is, what you’re capable of doing, as a human being, not just simply in terms of your skills. And I want you to go through an exercise that I think will serve you very well.

And the first question is, and you really ought to write these down because you may not remember everything. What are the strengths that others see in you? When working on a team, what roles do I seek to fulfill? When faced with an extreme obstacle, what are my go to skills to overcome it? How do I overcome the obstacle? What was the most successful project I ever took on and what made me successful? What’s the most important team role I fulfilled? And how?

Now, in going deeper, and by the way, write your answers as long as you need to in order to really understand them. And really take some time with this, because you’re going to synthesize this into your stories and the follow up to your stories when you interview.

So going deeper, what strengths and skills come up over and over again for you? What are your motivating skills? What are the things that excite you? What burns you out? What gives you a lot of duress, or just wears you down every day? What strengths and skills are going to be most useful in achieving your career goals? What’s missing? What skill would I like to build upon that I need to do better?

Now the idea is, you want to understand your differentiators. So, for example, I understood mine when my wife came to me one day, and I was talking to an applicant about a situation (I was doing recruiting at the time). I was talking to an applicant, to a Job Hunter, about a situation that they were confused by. And she overheard me for a while talking to this person and said, “Boy, you take really complicated ideas and make them very simple for people.” And that’s really just one of my strengths, which comes in very handy as a coach, as a YouTuber and a podcaster and as a writer.

So what are your strengths that keeps showing up time and time again, and work these into your stories, not just simply when you do your first cut at the STAR framework. But when they start digging in deeper to understand your role and responsibilities and how you did things. You work these into your conversations on interviews. And that’s really what helps you stand out.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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