EP 988 I just started receiving useless resume upon useless resume all day because someone doesn’t read the ad.

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Episode 988 of No BS Job Search Advice Radio. THIS is your host, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. I used to be recruiting; did it for more than 40 years and I actually recorded this originally as a video. So there is a reference to that in the recording but I now just do coaching, and want to be clear about that because it's kind of spoken about in the context of mine being a recruiter. I don't do that anymore. I'm cure! I am out of the recruiting field.

So I want to point out a mistake job hunters make that is absolutely infuriating to recruiters. I hope you find this helpful. Please give the show 5 stars in iTunes and stitcher. This is all designed to help you perform at a higher level. And I'll tell you I release a lot more stuff daily than just this. If you go to Facebook.com/NoBSCoachingAdvice and follow the page, give it a good review, thumbs up, 5 stars. Everything good that you can say about it, you will get notices when I release new content through Facebook.

Now with that, .. . By the way, before I send the showoff 4 the day, if you're interested my coaching you . . . coaching, you know where I help you perform well throughout your search, visit www.thebiggamehunter.us. There is a lot of great information there plus plus you can find out about my coaching. With that, let's get going.

This is a video that's coming from a couple days of experiences of . . . I do recruiting. I the post ads, as well. I have been getting ad responses that are ridiculous. I have to say what makes them ridiculous is people don't read the ad. So, for example, if I'm saying the job is in Western North Dakota and they go, “Where is the job?”

I understand you are getting a bunch phone calls. “Oh! I didn’t apply to something in Western North Dakota.” Well, you did and that's how I got your resume. You sent it to me. You didn't pay attention and you know that one line where it says location? It said “Western North Dakota.”

Salary? “Gee. That's much too low.”

“Why did you apply? It was in the ad.”

“What you're looking for,” and I mentioned the qualifications and I am looking at the resume and there is exactly 0 .. . Nothing that fits the requirements of the position.

I'm just asking people be courteous. Read the damn ad!

At the end of the day, stop wasting other people's time spamming resumes. It is no big deal to you to send a resume, but imagine what it's like for corporate recruiters and people like me who are getting a couple hundred a day, most of which were colossal waste of time.

You may not know me but I podcast the show, Job Search Radio that comes out 6 times a week on it www.webtalkradio.net. It’s in iTunes and stitcher and other places as well.

In the 1st show I did, I was interviewing someone and I asked, “So, how many resumes you think I walked into on Monday morning?” The answer was over 200. I there is, “How many of these people to think vaguely fit the requirements I am looking for?” My answer was 2. 1% MAYBE fit want something I'm looking for you.

If you look at all the time it's wasted, it's ridiculous that you think you can flip a resume over the transom and get a response . .. But then you get angry when you don’t hear from me.

So I'll simply say, “Read the damn ad!” Pay attention to it.

There is reason the word, “qualifications,” is over a section of the job description. Talk about what a client of mine has laid out as being important to them and don't ignore it. It has meaning.

I will just tell you what I tell the people I coach in recruiting. They're not gonna call you unless you vaguely fit the requirement. Do something when you submit a resume that shows that you fit the requirements of the job.


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