EP 147 No settling and dealing with fear are topics I address on this show. I reference a book called, “Unqualified Success,” by Rachel Stewart. You can find out more or order your copy here

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This is "The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast," Episode 147. I'm your host, Jeff Altman, The big Game Hunter, and welcome. I like to spend some time weekly talking with you about some aspect of life, the universe, everything and just try and bring some thoughts to your consciousness as you start the work week or whenever you listen to the show. Maybe it's during the week, and you just roll into it later on. That's okay. It's just some thinking that may provoke behavioral change.

SEGMENT 1. I was listening to and talking to some folks this weekend, and listening to some folks who, frankly, are in tough situations. Where they're in jobs where no one learns anything after a while. It's years since they've done anything new; its robotic work to them. There's no training, no opportunities for advancement. There's no evidence of it. It's not like they're a bad performer. It's just no one in their area, as hard as they work, seems to ever move ahead.
Is that the way it is for you? Or is that the case of your company? Do you like that? Do you want to move ahead? Do you want to learn something new? If you are a manager, why are you tolerating this for your people? Eventually what starts to happen is like a professional necrosis. You know, it becomes so stagnant for folks. They're machines and machines make mistakes. They break, right?
There are ways to do things differently. There are opportunities, even if you're in an outpost of your firm, where you can recommend someone have an advancement opportunity, training, opportunities to learn new things. And if you're on staff ask for it.
It's hard, I know. And fear may crop up but the reality is you are dying a slow death. You are dying, a slow death. It is eating you up from the inside and it happens so gradually. You don't even realize it. If you're in situations like this, as I said to my friends, and I don't coach my friends, I just talk to them. So, what I said to them is, you've got to change this. I don't care if it's within this firm or outside of this firm. You've got to get to a place where you can think again, where you're asked to share your ideas, thoughts, concerns, learn new things, get promoted, get an "atta girl" or "atta boy," doesn't matter what it is. Just have an opportunity to move ahead and try something new.
What are you waiting for folks? Seriously, what are you waiting for?

SEGMENT 2. I was sent a copy of a book written by Rachel Stewart called, "Unqualified Success." I'm going to try and have her on the show. BHin the meantime, as I was reading it, she had a wonderful metaphor that I thought I would share with you and it's the notion of how you deal with fear. After all, fear tends to be a companion with us on our journey, right? It kind of stalls you, slows you down, creates detours, all that sort of stuff.
I'll simply say, using the metaphor that she uses in her book. "It's a passenger. It rides along with us on the journey. The question is whether you let it drive you or not, whether you let it drive the car on your journey. If you let it drive, it's going to take you all over the place, and you're never going to have the opportunity to move ahead. But the fact is, if you let it be a passenger, it's just another thing that you take with you, like your knowledge, like your care and concern for others."
I mention this because as you deal with some of the professional challenges that you face, fear is going to show up, right. You're going to be afraid to ask for that raise. You're going to be afraid to ask for that promotion, that training you want that course that you want to take and if you let it drive you, if you don't stand up for what you're afraid of and believe that you deserve, you're letting it run you.
Is that really how you want to live your life?

SEGMENT 3. So, what's the goal that you have? What are you trying to accomplish? Is it a daily, weekly annual goal? What is it? What's your fear? When you think of this fear, what action or inaction do you take? What results do you get from that action? What does it give you?
Now, here's the fun thing. What you need to do is take action regardless. Basically say to yourself, "I'm going to (fill in the blank) and I'm taking fear with me and figure out something specific that you can do towards your goal for the next 30 days and keep doing it.
When fear shows up, don't be surprised. It's going along with you for the ride, but you're in control. You're the driver here. Every time fear wants to pipe up and offer suggestions about turning around, or giving up, just stay in the present moment. Just do that one day at a time for 30 days. You'll start triggering new behaviors. And again, that's from Rachel Stewart. Isn't that lovely? I really adore that suggestion from her

SEGMENT 4. Stress test you're thinking. I want to repeat that. Stress test your thinking. A lot of people go into things and they've never really asked anyone else what they think or gotten any input from others before diving into the deep end of the pool, and they've never learned how to swim. I want to do this. I'm gonna do this. But what don't you you know,
One of the fun things that you start to do when you start trying to stress testing your idea is you start to see your blind spots because others have a perspective on things that you may not know. I'm not talking about their fears. Look for facts there. Look for information that you don't have that might be useful for you to know.
I remember years ago, I made a very difficult but correct decision about a weekend workshop I was running and who might attend. And there was a lot of controversy around it I'm not going to go into the details. It's not important.
A friend of mine who was part of that town, or part of the city where I was going to be running the workshop called me up to ask me if I had considered a particular detail, and I hadn't. I suggested that he or someone else come and reach out to the parties that were involved and see what they thought about my decision.
They were on board with it, but it was a blind spot I had that might have affected others. You, yourself, may have blind spots. You may not see everything that needs to be seen. Don't hesitate to ask others for input. This way, it minimizes your risk and helps you get to really where you want to get to.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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