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EP 2037 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question from one of his connections on LinkedIn about how to move from the public sector to the private sector.

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Hi! I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm referred to as The Big Game Hunter
because I've been hunting down leaders and staff for organizations for 40 years--
Actually it's more than 40 years. One of my followers on LinkedIn or my connections
on LinkedIn sent me a note. Excuse me while I just read it. What would you
suggest for someone getting out of the public sector as a means to get back
into the private sector? Thank You,. Randall. There isn't a lot of information
to go on so it really depends on what you've been doing in the public sector.
Let me give you some generalized tips. Oh by the way, not just what you've done
in the public sector but how long you been out of the private sector.
So, I'm going to try and give you a couple of variables. First of all for
someone who has only been out for a couple of years, you obviously have that
history from the private sector. Get it on to page one of your resume so that
people can see you haven't just been public sector your entire career. Secondly when
you talk about public sector work, make sure you define your role,
responsibilities and accomplishments and if you're in IT, the technology that
you've utilized in a way that's applicable to the private sector. Deny
the jargon. Catch that phrase. Deny the jargon. Every business has its own
language of how it refers to things and in the public sector it has its jargon.
Don't use it. Go back the private sector language to define what you did and how
you went about doing it. Talk about your successes there. Now I'm not talking
about social services. Again I'm talking about administrative or leadership
functionality that could be useful in the private
sector. If you've been into social services role or you've been working in
an unemployment office for example, it depends on the roll you're going to apply
for. But, in general, if you've been in administrative or leadership roles in the
public sector, you want to emphasize your functionality that relates to the
private sector. You also want to talk about your successes if you've only been
out for a couple of years. As I said you get that information on to page one. Now
if you've been out for a long time, it's hard. I'm not going to kid you. There's no
magic bullet here. Not every firm is going to believe you or care. What they
want is what they want. All you can do is package the information in ways that
they can understand it and they can see what's applicable to their particular
needs. Again from their standpoint, they don't care what you want. They care about what
their problem is and how you can help solve it so you have to speak to that in
both your resume and in the cover email that you send to them. So this is Jeff
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Altman. Hope you have a great day. Take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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