How do you overcome adversity?

By Julie Walraven

2020 has been the year to overcome adversity. When I am coaching new or returning clients, many of them are talking about how difficult this year has been. But for all the difficulties, there are opportunities.

Just this afternoon, I was talking to a client who has been a Manufacturing Controller in the finance world. As he has contracted as a finance consultant for the past few months, it has got him thinking about how to move forward in that arena. He sees companies needing expert help for a specific project and he is finding it fun and challenging to resolve financial projects.

We updated his resume and LinkedIn profile. I coached him on some of the basics of using content marketing to attract people in his finance arena.

Overcome adversity by changing how you work

He was very concerned about how many challenges are facing everyone in today’s COVID world. One of his worries was the high number of unemployed people but we discussed what is causing this and how it will change. We talked about the industries impacted as well as the new job opportunities presented.

Each week Susan P. Joyce of Job-hunt curates a list of the Top 100 Companies with 880,000 jobs open now.

These 100 employers are a very small sample of all the active employers in the USA currently. The jobs available are a very wide variety of opportunities from Vice President to trainee and intern.

My client’s contracting as a finance consultant has been as a remote contractor. We discussed how many more opportunities will arise as employers figure out the benefit of hiring quality remote personnel.

Overcome adversity by launching your own business

Another client, an executive leader of regulatory and compliance programs is considering launching his own firm in that arena. I helped him develop a “how to start a consultant business” punch list that he can use to make sure that he gets the right kind of help to start a business off right. After 30+ years as an entrepreneur, I know the steps you need to make sure you avoid the pitfalls that cause many small businesses to fail.

This client is ready to take the steps needed to launch this potential new business. He understands how he can be an asset to other companies by sharing his wisdom learned over his years in business.

You can overcome adversity by not letting the news dictate your mindset

I often remind clients that what they hear on the news is just the picture they are projecting. Woe is me is the easy way out but real fortitude comes from having the courage to find new ways to do things and ways to triumph when all the world is moaning.

I am not a sky is falling kind of person. Truthfully, I believe that if you want to you can find solutions. Many companies are taking the high road and finding solutions. They are hiring using Zoom and other virtual platforms to complete interviews.

Your attitude will dictate your success. Turn off the news. Read something inspiring. I always say Negative thinking gets negative results. Don’t go in that direction!

I am a resume writer but if you ask my clients, I am much more than a resume writer. I position my clients for success and help them look for opportunities when everyone says there are none. If you are ready to change your mindset, come on board!


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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