EP 764 Based upon feedback from a friend, Joe Rejeski from Avenue X Group, who has used a video interviewing service, I discuss several more things  you should do for your next video interview.

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I thought I would do a podcast today about video interviewing based upon a message and exchange I had with an old friend of mine, Joe Rejeski, from AvenueX Group in New York.

Joe has been using a service that helps his firm evaluate people who are being considered for a position. He offered a few ideas that I thought would be really helpful.

1. Pay attention to your background. I have a messy office from the standpoint of what you could see on camera, you can't see that I have a lot of stuff on my desk right now and that behind me on the coffee table there is even more stuff. Be aware of your backdrop when you set things up.

2. Webcam quality s much better than mobile phone quality. If you can, put yourself in a position where you can use a webcam. If you can't, understand that your video quality won't be as good.

3. Even if you are interviewing on the weekend, dress professionally from the waist up.

4. Don't bring a cup of coffee to the interview. Sipping coffee during the interview doesn't look well for you.

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