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A friend who does executive search brought this to my attention. Not having it changed from default options cost him $50000. It can be just as expensive for you as a job hunter.

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I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ, com, and
Most people are fairly careful with your LinkedIn privacy settings. But most people also don't know that there are communications options that can be very costly for you if they're not configured properly.
Why do I say this? Well, you could be missing messages, you could be missing inMails, , you could be missing a whole bunch of things that you want to receive, particularly if you're in job search mode. I've got to tell you, headhunters, you've got to make sure of this, too, because what how I was alerted to this was a friend of mine in search who missed an email because he doesn't go to the platform. He had it set up to send him messages when people inMailed him and LinkedIn changed the back end didn't tell anyone and that their default options were a $50,000 lesson for him. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Okay?
So, where you have to go is the picture of yourself or the word "Me." You click on that and go to "settings and privacy." Click on that. Once you're there, everyone knows about the privacy option, right? But no one pays attention to the communications option. Ads. Try and turn them all off, of course. But with communications, this is an interesting one.
In the channels area, I want you to look at email frequency, and click on change. Now, here's where it gets interesting. invitations and messages, I want to show you a couple of things here. Now, if you're a job hunter, you want to know when people want to connect with you, right.
See, I'm on LinkedIn every morning. So once a day, at a minimum, I'm checking for invitations to connect. But the default option here is on recommended. What does that mean? LinkedIn decides whether or not you should be notified of an invitation to connect. In other words, that headhunter or that hiring manager who's trying to reach out to you, isn't able to get in and get to you right away unless you log on.
Now, here's another one and I'll just show you where I think it also has value and then I'll go to the pivotal . . . Actually, let me just go to the pivotal places. Come down here . . . messages from connections where the default option is "Recommended. LinkedIn decides whether or not this is someone you want to hear from and whether or not this send to message you at your email address.
The result winds up being you may have a friend messaging you through the platform or a former colleague messaging you through the platform, saying, "Hey, there's a job opening at our organization. Send me a resume." And unless you log on, and unless LinkedIn recognizes this person as being valuable to you . . . I have no idea how it works, and they're not able to explain it . . . LinkedIn is making the decision. The result winds up being you can miss out on things. And here's the biggy-- inMails and introductions.
"Hi, I'm a recruiter, I have a great job." Or, "I'm a hiring manager. I've got a great job open," or you're a recruiter and receiving an inMail from someone who says, "I'm trying to hire 15 people and you were recommended to me. I'd like to talk with you." The default option is recommended. Catch that one. LinkedIn is deciding whether or not you should be notified of this.
How do you think that hiring manager feels if you're not responding to he or she in three days, five days, a week, because you're busy and another part of the system like you're using your LinkedIn Recruiter account, and you're not logging on to this part of it, because messages come to you over there.
So, you've got to make sure that some of your options are set on "Individual Notifications." The other place if you're a job hunter is jobs and opportunities.
Now, if you click on that directly, it's going to click off like 10 different things, you're better off using the arrow to the side and picking the ones that make sense for you.
The first one for example is "alerts about jobs you may be interested in." They'll send you a periodic message about that. That's the default-- Periodic.ou want to make sure it's on daily, right? Referrals for your jobs, referrals for your jobs at your company. And if you're hiring someone, and you're recruiter, do you really want it set on "Periodic?"
I'm sorry. That one was it's how it's however they're doing it . . . probably as soon as it comes in. But go through these items if you're in job hunting mode, in order to ensure that stuff is coming through me.
Again, just to show you how to access this part of LinkedIn, I'm going to go back to LinkedIn for a moment to my homepage here, and then walk you through the individual steps. So what you do is go to "Me," click on "Me." Settings and Privacy. Communications. Email Frequency. Invitations and Messages. Then, making sure that you're on "Individual Notifications."
Now, if you're not job hunting, you might want to have it set up on "Weekly Invitations" is an option on Messages. Let's just make sure I'm right about that. But I saw weekly invitations is one of the options on some of these. pick the ones that makes the areas on emails and introductions weekly, is an option on Messages from Connections. Weekly is an option. Minimally, have these delivered once a week because, the fact of the matter is, these are opportunities that may make sense for you.
The person who gets ahead isn't always the smartest or work the hardest, although those are great qualities to have. People get ahead by being alert to opportunities. If you are a job hunter, you want to know about this right away. If you're a headhunter, you want to make sure that you're not missing a message from someone who wants to be submitted for a job. If you're not job hunting, minimally, you want to be alert to opportunity. So I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Hope you found this helpful. It was a painful lesson for my friend that cost them $50,000 because LinkedIn notified no one of these back end changes, has everything set to recommended. And it cost them a very substantial fee.
Do you want to lose a job that you will be qualified for, that you could win because you did not go to communications? I don't think so.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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  1. Frank Risalvato

    This is the single MOST IMPORTANT feature of Linkedin. After all – if you miss your important ‘inmail’ communication it defeats the purpose of ‘being connected’! GREAT VIDEO! I HAD this experience of missing an inmail last month!

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