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EP 150 Sports is a wonderful vehicle to learn lessons about life in your career. On today show, I share a few those lessons I think you’ll find helpful.

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This is "The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast," Episode 150. I'm your host, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome! I like to spend some time weekly talking with you about some aspect of life, the universe, everything.

SEGMENT 1. And this is a show really for sports, sports and life. I'm reminded of it from, well, frankly, it's late fall as I'm recording this. I ran the New York Marathon in early November, I want to say 1998 . . . It has been a long time, quite obviously. I trained for a year to run that race. I put in a lot of effort and it was a tough race. You know, it suddenly went from cool weather and now we're at 78 degrees . . . too hot a day for a marathon. But I ran it, made it, ran slower than expected. But all the effort I put in, all the mental determination I've accumulated over a course of a year served me well that day.
I'm reminded of that and how it's so important in the rest of our lives, that we often give ourselves a pass on different things and we start to develop . . . well, a certain amount of fat and laziness, rather than practicality and determination.
Where's that show up in your life, folks? I know it does, because I know it shows up in mine. What can you do to start correcting that in order to have the life and have the career that you want?

SEGMENT 2. If you've listened to this show for any length of time, you've probably heard me say once or twice that winners find the way to win and losers find the way to lose. One of the ways that winners find the way to win is that they know that losers are going to find the way to lose. One thing I've noticed from losing teams is that often they don't put in maximum effort. It may be close, but they don't practice as hard, they get a little fat and relaxed, they come off of a bye week, a week off from the game and, suddenly, they're just not performing like they used to.
I'll just simply say, for those of us in the workforce, for those of us in real life, we may talk a good game, but we know the truth. We know how much effort we're really putting in, compare it with when you were younger, and you were really sweating bullets at different times. You're not putting in the same effort.
You may use the excuse of, "you know, I'm using my brain power rather than my force of will." That can work a couple of times, but we're not getting the results that you really want. When you're not getting the outcome that you think you deserve, just look back at how you're training, how you're preparing for those times.
Most of you have started cutting corners years ago. It's time to really put in max effort.

SEGMENT 3. The quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens is a man named Lamar Jackson. He's in his second season, young quarterback, struggles of a young quarterback and yesterday had a good game against a good team. He went off to the press conference afterward, and spoke about the performance of his team and himself that day. He wore a T shirt. The T shirt says "Nobody Cares. Work Harder."
Nobody cares about your stuff. Nobody cares about your excuses. everyone cares about what you're able to deliver for them. Whether that's your love, or your passion, or your effort, that's what people care about. They want to see the outcomes, obviously, but they also want to see that you're trying.
And you know, folks, if you're not happy with the outcomes that you're getting, maybe it's you're not working hard enough. Maybe you're not working hard enough on the right things. Maybe you're now trying to get better at things. Maybe you're just coasting, coasting in a discomfort zone that is tolerable for you.
A podcast I was listening to this morning. Conan O'Brien interviewing John Oliver from HBO and admiring the fact that Oliver puts in effort on his shows that many people don't put in the effort to do and Oliver spoke about trying to do things a half a percent better. That small amount, a half a percent better.
So, he can get to the silly zone that he seems to really enjoy. Folks, it doesn't sound like a lot. But if you could do a half a percent better weekly, where could you possibly be? How far could you possibly go?
But you gotta concentrate on it. You have to be conscious to get there. And, in all probability, need some support because old habits come back, right?


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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