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Recently, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter shares a few lessons he was reminded of after doing an audition for a reality tv show.

Lessons from a Reality TV Show Audition | JobSearchTV.com

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hi I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
I'm called the big game hunter because
it's been hunting down leaders and staff
for organizations for more than 40 years
today I want to share with you a lesson
I learned from an audition I did for a
cable network I should really say it's a
lesson I learned it's the lesson I
really was reminded of and let me start
by giving a context for this which is
one thursday night right before I went
to sleep and get an email from someone
forwarding a message that he had
received about a casting agency in a
production firm trying to find a
recruiter to cast them to lead a show
that a reality show that we're going to
do for cable and he said I don't know if
this is real or not and the next morning
when I woke up I went to the casting
agency's website the production Vern's
website there is nothing there on their
sites I've got casting this kind of show
I said what the heck let me just send in
a you know a quick email and see what
happens well the quick email was
responded to a few hours later by what
sounded like a fairly excited individual
who spent some time talking with me
about how my background was perfect
really no I had a great background the
terrific brand name they liked the big
game on her name they like the no BS job
search advice that stuff that I do so
that's where branding comes into play
and then they want to have me do an
audition via Skype the following Monday
morning now you know suffice it to say
I'm real surprised by this because
number one I couldn't find anything
about I'll put it in your terms I
couldn't find anything about the job on
the web you know there was nothing there
about it and the turnaround was so quick
and I'm talking to a recruiter who's so
excited who wants to have this happen so
quickly and you know I got on the skype
I had procrastinated about setting up my
microphone and stuff for skype
once we moved to North Carolina and we
got to a point where i'm on the call
with them I'm talking to the casting
agent she's giving me thumbs up
throughout it's a great conversation
right before we we started doing the
audition I did what I tell job hunters
to do ask about the role that they're
looking for what the expectations are me
for this job you know I function like a
recruiter you know or a job applicant
with good coaching she gave me a couple
pointers she'd given me most of the
questions in advance I knocked it out of
the park you know and she told me that
right afterwards and that sounds like a
recruiter ear for an interview right and
it's now a couple of weeks later I knew
that they were going in front of the the
network that friday and I haven't heard
anything so I'm reminded of something
that I want to remind you of and that is
sometimes you do a great job on your
interviews you're all excited like I was
and like every one of my family was and
everyone I knew who I told about this
was real excited about it they saw it as
a great fit and sometimes no matter what
you do no matter how well you perform
it's just not going to work out
sometimes there's a disconnect between
the different parties who are doing the
hiring you know the casting agent really
like my background maybe a production
firm didn't maybe the network then maybe
I was too old who knows you know
normally I don't see a lot of people in
their 60s like I am you know heading up
shows on TV do you I don't so you know
maybe age was a factor maybe you know
her opinion of how well I did in their
opinion of how well I did was completely
different no matter the thing i want to
remind you of today is sometimes people
miss rachel resume sometimes you don't
really do as well as you thought you did
and most of the time this has
thing to do with you it has to do with
the interviewer and their expectations
of what you can deliver so you know
sometimes recommend have an interview
you're expecting a job offer and it's
weeks later and nothing happens don't
beat yourself up most of the time it has
nothing to do with your performance
maybe he got beaten out by someone else
I was probably in the case of me maybe
the network wasn't that hot on this show
idea they didn't want to spend the money
no matter I haven't heard anything and
that may happen to you so this is jeff
alton the big game hunter i hope you
found today's video helpful if you did
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great pool of talent I'd love to help
the organization of fill positions if
you're still there and you wind up still
there I want to help you look good for
our over she need for however long
they're there so this is jeff alban hope
you have a great day take care


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