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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to start networking especially if you don’t think you’re good at it.

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For those of you who think of yourselves as shy or introverted, networking doesn't have to mean stepping up in front of a room and presenting some sort of important topic. Networking can be as simple as politely asking questions and being a great listener, starting to build a relationship with someone by just listening to what do they have to say.

You don't really know me except in the persona that you assume that I have come see me in videos and listen to my podcasts. I can't say that I'm an introvert. I'm not , but there was a time that I had no relationships with people professionally. I had to just learn to reach out to folks, not by being big and bold and brash, but by just learning and listening and connecting with people one on one.

I can do it in front of larger groups now. I can do it in front of an auditorium. I can still be present for large organizations now and have. For you who may be starting out, the ability to just connect one on one is the form of networking. I want to encourage you to get involved with. You're going to find that those relationships that you start building to those one-on-one connections will be extremely valuable to you PLUS they will give you practice and working with larger groups of people. DON'T RUSH YOURSELF.

People have this ridiculous notion that they haven't done something for 30, 40 or 50 years before and within 2 days they are supposed to be an expert. You're not can be an expert. What you can do, is just start the process.

It's kind of like my doing videos. A few years ago, I started doing videos for YouTube. I did one a day. That was it. I now have over 2000 videos on YouTube. Some days I do more. Some days I do one. Some days I do, podcasts, and I video myself doing the podcast.

However, you start your practice, start with one person. Go to an event. Take some time. Look at someone who is in a corner or someone who is in the middle of a room.

My favorite question for someone in the middle of the room working actively is to start off by saying, "Hey I'm new to all of this. You get so good at networking? I see you being in the center of this group., How did you get this way? I'm just starting out. I need to learn from someone like you. " They'll be happy to tell you the story and you can be very happy to just sit or stand there nodding and left and listening and agreeing.

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