Knowing Your Why-Be-Do

Knowing Your Why-Be-Do

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Lance Secretan’s book, The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch, explores the concept of leadership and how leaders can inspire and motivate others. It is a beautiful and inspiring book about both personal and professional leadership I think everyone should read. 

In one chapter, Secretan introduces what he calls the Why-Be-Do model, a framework for creating a compelling vision and purpose for oneself and one’s organization.

According to Secretan, most people start with the “what” of their goals and objectives, but great leaders start with the “why” in order to inspire their teams. 

Secretan believe knowing your Why-Be-Do  helps leaders create a more meaningful and inspiring vision for their organizations. By starting with the “why,” leaders connect their work to a greater purpose and inspire, not motivate, their teams to do the same (inspiration is lighting a fire within someone. Motivation is lighting a fire underneath someone).

The “be” aspect of the model encourages leaders to consider the qualities and values they want to embody in their work. These may include honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, and more. By embodying these qualities, leaders  create a culture of accountability and integrity. This can lead to better decision-making, improved communication, and increased trust within the organization.

In addition to helping leaders create a compelling vision, knowing your Why-Be-Do can guide decision-making. He offers that when faced with a difficult choice, individuals should ask themselves whether the decision aligns with their purpose and the qualities they want to embody. If it does not, the decision may not be the right one.

Overall, the Why-Be-Do model is a powerful tool for leaders who want to create a more meaningful and inspiring vision for themselves and their organizations. By starting with the “why” and focusing on the values and qualities they want to embody, leaders can create a culture that inspires their teams AND themselves to do their best work.


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