Should I Deliver My Resume in Person?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Since most job applications are online, do retailers mind if people come asking about job openings? I’ve been told (by older folks) it’s more professional to introduce myself in person and hand over my resume but is this true in the 21st century?

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I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter I’m a coach who helps people in a variety of
different ways professionally– job search, hiring, managing and leading, career
development, executive coaching– a whole host of different ways I know I’m also
the host of the podcast no BS job search advice radio which is number one an
apple podcast for job hunting it’s a daily show with episodes like these they
tend to be on the shorter side– a few minutes– what I say are bite-sized
morsels designed to help you move your job search along and someone messaged me
through LinkedIn commenting about the show. “Your podcast has been a
very informative resource for job applications and interviews it helps me
feel more confident. Thanks Ryan! I appreciate it.

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And this one is an answer to someone’s question. “Since most job applications
are online, do employers (and the question was specifically about retailers but I’m
going to broaden it to retailers I’ve broaden it from retailers to employers)
mind if people come asking about job openings I’ve been told by older people
(like me) at least I’m older it’s more professional to introduce myself in
person and hand over my resume but is this true in the 21st century no it’s
not true. You know, when they operated when they
start to look for a job and they were relatively inexperienced that was much
more common because you could actually get in the building
of an employer and the store manager really didn’t have a lot going on for
them so they were sitting there waiting for a customer to walk in and you’d
mosey in, hand them a resume and say “hi, Just wound up putting my face in front
of you or put a face with the name.. There was always a famous
wants to see you you are an interruption if you do that you’re in effect
demanding that they stop doing what they’re doing to deal with you no one
likes that. in office buildings, you have to get past security. Why are they
letting up seriously and this day of terrorism and this day were people steal
handbags and other things off of people’s desks they’re not wedding
Into the building so fast.I just wanna drop my resume offices sure
leave them with me I’ll send it up this does not work it’s an antiquated tactic
from a day and age many years ago don’t do it hope you found this helpful
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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