So many people are in this boat and don’t want to face it. You are. This is for you.

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You went to college. You had a dream. You were in a situation where you always
wanted to be a (fill-in-the-blank).. Professors who fawned over you or kicked you
in the butt, whichever way it was, and now you're out in the real world and your
first real job in that profession and its not what you thought it was going to be. And
if it can become that, it's 20 years away.. What do you do? You're in the profession.
You're 15 years in. You've got a decision to make because so far, what you found is
horrible. What do you do? I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm
a career and leadership coach, the head coach for and and I'll just simply say, for those of you who are in
either of those boats or similar boats like them, you've got decisions to make.
Now, it's easier for the younger individual because they're fewer
obligations, fewer responsibilities. Usually. You've got student loan debt. I'm not
saying to quit your job. Now's the time to start exploring other alternatives,
talking to other people from the University, talking to other people that you know,
getting out and about and talking to people. That's an effort on your part but
you've got to put effort in because if you surrender to the notion that you're
going to be on the conveyor belt for the next twenty years until you get to where
you want and you're not willing to pay that price, you're gonna die a slow death
and you'll never get there. Because your energy and your life won't be into it. So
you've got to start working to get off of it now or block the voices out there
telling you, "Oh, this is terrible. I'm never gonna get to that
place. I'm never going to do the interesting work. They don't like me." And the other
excuses that you give. Excuses are a way to talk yourself out of doing something. And you
need to do something. And it's easier now than when you're 15 years
now. For those of you who are 15 years in, you've got some decisions to make, too.
For those of you who are in that position, I normally will suggest again
you start the conversations with people.. Informational interviews are a great
thing to do and you have conversations with people about what it's like to be
working in the next area of interest.. Do not know what that should be? Start
talking to people are doing something different or doing something different
that's similar to what you're doing and they don't seem to be quite as stressed
out as you or they seem to be happier or they seem to be moving faster in their career.
Find out what they're doing and what it's like and start having those
conversations. Do you need to go back to school to get some additional training?
"Oh, I can't really do that because I've got a family now. I've got a house and
what have you." Well if you're not prepared to do
anything, you just want it gifted to you. you got to wait a long time for that to
happen because you gotta do something to meet an employer part of the way there.
That's the reality to it. So, start finding out what you're interested in. Talk to schools. You may
have to write some checks in order to get the training to do that. Maybe your
current employer has a tuition reimbursement program that will
reimburse you for some of those costs but you gotta still take action. You
can't just sit there complaining cuz that's the death of a thousand cuts just
like it is for the fairly recent graduate who's now on the conveyor belt
stuck. You're further along the belt you've got a more complicated story but
still a story. It's still an excuse until you're prepared to do something about it.
Watching these videos isn't anything for you, all its gonna do is
make you frustrated because I'm not giving you the magic potion that if you take
one sip of you can get to the job that you want. You're gonna have to work at it.
You're going to have to work at finding that career and finding out what its gonna take to enter
that career because otherwise you are trapped. That's
the fact that you are trapped. If you're prepared to accept that, click away right
now, it just makes it will make your life a lot simpler. So I hope you found this
helpful. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a
career and leadership coach. If you're interested in one-on-one work with me
where I guide you through the process, kick you in the butt when that's
necessary, give you a soft touch when that's more appropriate. My website is You can schedule a free discovery call with me
or we can get acquainted and see if it makes sense. I always have thousands of other
posts about job search, hiring, being more effective in the workplace, being a
better manager, all designed to help you in your career. That's really what I do
is I help people through the life cycle of their careers. Hope you have a great
day and take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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