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A common occurrence and one you have to handle delicately

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I am Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a career coach. I help people and
organizations be more effective in the workplace with job search with hiring
with managing people just doing a better job overall and this is a job search
question that someone asked me and is a classic I'll just also be part of a
response that they received from someone else.
and the question was what should I do when I lied on an interview about my
past salary and now they want to see a copy of my last printed paycheck?"
Oh! The horrors! I'm sure it wasn't a paycheck because no one keeps their
paycheck. They deposit it, right? So I'm sure what they wanted to see is a pay
stub and we understand that you were trying to get more money but your bluff
has been called. Now, here's the crazy thing that someone wrote. It's basically
say no I'm not comfortable providing that information and they provide a
whole bunch of rationalizations that any employer with more than one minute doing
work in HR or any role in an organization would cause them to say you
know I really don't feel comfortable offer you a job because they smell BS so
how do you handle this? And the answer is you know the corners a little bit of
theater on your part but the idea becomes very simply to say you know when
I was in the interview I felt a little nervous and I misspoke about my current
salary. I went back and checked. I thought to myself I really say that went back
and checked and I misstated it." Now if he made a $50,000 misstatement you had
done. Let's get real about this. You weren't done but a farmer $10,000
mistake, "you know, I miscalculated what my comp was in my head at the time.
it's actually such-and-such what you do is you fall on your sword and effect you
don't tell people you're not comfortable that the check contains confidential
information that could compromise the account of your company then they know
it's bull instead just tell them that. I'm variation on the truth come clean
and go for the gold I hope you found this helpful I'm Jeff Alton visit my web
site, TheBigGameHunter.us. There's a lot more there that you can watch listen
to a read that will help you find work more quickly plus if you're interested
in my coaching you you can schedule a free discovery call from the site and
we'll have a quick conversation see if this all makes sense



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11 Responses
  1. Maurice Levie

    I never disclose my salary. I accept or reject a rate based on the job requirements. It’s an automatic ghost, block, and anonymous Glassdoor review sans stars if this gets pulled.

    1. Maurice Levie

      Jeff Altman I see no difference. The “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” line is an expired tactic. My reply would be “kindly provide an exhaustive list of benefits and the dollar amount of each”. Salary is just one component, the benefit package can literally cost you thousands a year (10K+ in one year for me). I always summarize the entire package and go line item by line item. No 401K? Great, subtract 5-8,000 a year from the salary offered. Minimally acceptable coverage as a health plan? Nope, will keep my COBRA. Subtract 20K from salary. Etc.

    2. Jeff Altman

      @Maurice Levie It is easy to say you would do this but to expect the offer after doing this is different. The tone of the question is how do I save this. That requires something different than what you proposed

    3. Maurice Levie

      Jeff Altman yes, the video approaches this from a perspective of fealty by the job seeker. The only valid counter statement I would even consider is “in order to justify this salary, you would really have to lay out your direct value proposition to our bottom line”

      The reply to this and the original statement would be “I have done exhaustive salary comparison for this position, and based on my experience and education the salary we discussed previously falls within the range. I’d be happy to provide you the data, but providing you with my salary stub without you providing me with the current salaries of the employees occupying the exact position you’re considering me for is a non-starter”.

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      If you are asking the question, you know it’s wrong but you are looking for permission from me. Look for the video title, “I Lied About Salary in the Interview.” There’s a little more to the title

    2. Rithu Krishna

      @Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter the thing is I already said 🥺. And now I regret.i said in a flow. And moreover the salary I said is equal to my gross salary . But still a bit worried since he was asking for net salary I suppose I just rounded off and said …..regretting that decision. Anyways thanks for the reply 🙂

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