This question can be translated into should I work my way up or change jobs regularly?

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I am Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a coach who helps people professionally
in a number of different ways job search hiring more effectively
managing and leading workplace related issues executive coaching if it relates
to the world of work, I try to be a help.. Here's the question for tonight
"Is it better to diversify your career or remain faithful to your employer?" Now
I normally associate this question with a less experienced person but let me
kind of walk through it in a couple of different layers so the direct answer is
it depends it depends on whether you're learning and growing and being
compensated according to the market . And that's really the tightest answer I can
give you and thus let me break it down early in your career you tend to be
learning a lot and the raises come in small increments at the beginning you
can tolerate that you may be living with a parent or your parents you may be
living in a group situation with roommates it doesn't matter you're
learning and you're growing and you're building your career
however there comes a time where the system is set up against the stable
individual financially you may be getting the promotions you might be
getting raises, but the raises three percent three and a
half percent and you're expected at a time where inflation may be at one
percent or six percent and your expenses are growing because you want to get out
of that roommate situation you're expected to be able to accept that
especially at a time where firms offer you largely in places let me give you an
example. A firm, I'm picking random numbers here--$50,000 salary. You get a three
percent wage you're getting an extra 1,500 hours pre-tax taxes get removed
from that. Maybe you get a thousand. Okay, you change jobs. You get a salary
increase. Five to ten thousand dollars.. That's a 10 percent raise to 20%
raise go down with fifty five to sixty those raises get compounded in your
salary increases going forward you're getting that three percent raise on top
of the additional money. Imagine that over the course of your career. As I've
written many times the system is set up against from a financial standpoint it's
set up against working their way up the ranks your cooler may be better but the
system sets you up and for most people staying in one organization is no longer
the virtue that it once was. Employers look at it and go "well, she
knows how to do it the way they do it maybe they don't know how to do it our
way and they really grill you harder to see the breadth of your knowledge
it's a complicated answer but it's the accurate one. I'm Jeff Altman. I hope you found this
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great day and be great


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
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