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  1. Prima-Donna

    I’m a woman who lived in the ghetto all my life, still here. I wanted to join the Marines out of college. But my high school didn’t even teach me about scholarships, and I could’ve EASILY gotten one from my talent of writing poetry and short stories, and my academics was pretty good. Then I ended up with schizophrenia right out of high school, so ALL was out for me. I thought having a solid education and joining the Marines will set me up for the rest of my life. But……. I was LIED TO, and the way my high school life was and the people feeding me drugs without my consent drove me to SSI for the rest of my life/medications. It’s messed up.

  2. Maurice Levie

    The impact that Glassdoor has had on job hunting has been nothing short of game changing. To prep for any round of interview you used to have to invest hours of time going through annual reports, and any industry gossip sites. Now, I can see what existing and departing employees say about a company.

    Why is is this relevant for the topic of “your best people being siphoned off”? Simple – in any geographically locked region there is a natural hierarchy of employers, with the most desirable employers being the hardest to get hired into (via a recruiter) on an “invitation-only” basis. The employers with the highest turnover either don’t care (M&A delivers them free cannon fodder), or don’t need to care (outsourcing and offshoring), the aspiring few overcompensate with the highest salaries and are super-aggressive with poaching.

    Any smart employee will optimize for the best employer or the highest salary, so I suggest the recruiter is as much being played as a player. It matters whether the recruiter works for Adecco or a boutique agency with clients such as a presidential library, and whether they place directly or simply through a captive agency.

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