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EP 1535 How Easy Is It to Lie To Employers on an Application That You Have a college degree or great credit when you don’t have either?

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The question I received was, "How easy is it to lie to to employers on a job application that you have a university or college degree and no credit problems despite the contrary?"

Now, it's very easy to lie. It's hard to get away with it. That's the real issue. You can lie and you can gamble. If a firm is concerned about a credit history, they are going to do a credit check on you. There no way to get away with it because the firm that they use to check your background Will discover the fact that you have a credit problem. Tthat one is absolutely impossible to get away with. With a university degree, it is likely a small company is not going to do a meticulous background check. It is likely a large firm will. The ones in the middle, it all goes into the category of "It depends."

If you really want to risk losing a job and explaining to your friends and family, your former colleagues, how you got fired for being a liar, go ahead and gamble! It your life. It's your career and it's your choices. But your question was how easy is the lie. Yes, you can lie. But getting away with it is always the challenge on this stuff.

Years ago I remember representing someone who was interviewing for a position at a very senior level with a large firm and telling him that the firm would do a meticulous background check. DO NOT I repeat do not lie to them on the application. They will find out and fire you I told him.

And what did he do?

He lied on the application about a trivial detail and he was fired at the end of the first week broad into the office of the corporate head of H.R. furnishing a role equivalent of the chief of H.R. role. He was confronted with the data; he admitted to it. He was handed a box with his possessions and sent on his way. Is that what you want to risk happening to you. Most of you will say, "no." You want a smooth path in life. But that was not smooth.

The fact of the matter it is if it's a large firm, it it is with most mid-level firms, lying about a degree is something that they will find out because they send information to your previous university to verify the data.

Since records our automated these days, it's very easy to find that out. With regard to your credit history, again, if they're asking, it matters to them. They will find out.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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