How Early Should You Be for an Interview?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Today’s questions are, “How early should you be for an interview? What are the benefits of reaching an interview early?”

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How early should you be for an interview? What are the benefits of reaching an interview early? I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. People hire me for no BS career advice and coaching globally, because I make things easier related to the job search, hiring more effectively managing and leading better dealing with workplace issues and much more.

Now, I want to answer the second question. First, what are the advantages of arriving early for an interview. And I want to differentiate in-person from phone or video. All three, allow you an opportunity to get your focus on what you have to do to eliminate your distractions and to be mentally prepared to deliver your message for the interview. For in-person, there’s an extra dynamic–you’re dealing with traffic or subways or whatever issues with transportation, you’re also dealing with weather and the impact of weather upon you personally.

For example, a cold day Your hands may be cold. You’re going to shake hands with someone who’s going to notice that they’re really cold. Or it’s a hot day, and you’re dealing with sweaty palms, and sweaty clothes. And if you arrive early at the building, so you have a chance to warm up, or cool off depending upon the weather. Or if it’s rainy, and you’ve got the umbrella  and the other sort of accoutrements for bad weather, it gives you an opportunity to settle yourself to be prepared to deliver.

Now, how early should you be? Not very early, you can arrive for an in-person one 10 minutes early, and get yourself mentally settled and cooled off or warmed up in the lobby. Not where you’re going to interview, but in the lobby of the building. And if it’s a place that doesn’t look like it’s going to be a lobby because it’s not a high rise building. You do it in your car; you do it in a place away from them, so that they’re not seeing you because you don’t want to, shall we say, make them anxious and make them ask themselves, “What are they doing here so early?”

So you want to do this kind of stuff out of sight. Now if this is video or phone, you can be at your desk or wherever you’re going to take the call or wherever you’re going to do the video. Just turn off the TV. Just turn off the phone. Get your stuff in front of you in a way that you can reference it, again, without being seen, and get your mind on deliver.

That’s my opinion. I hope you found this helpful. I’m Jeff Altman. Visit my website, There’s a ton in the blog that can help you. Plus, you can schedule time for Trusted Advisor Services where I answer your questions. You can ask . . .  you can schedule a time for coaching with me, find out about my video courses, books and guides. Again, a lot there to help.

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