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How Do You Answer Tell Me About Yourself When You Have No Experience?

EP 2110 I can’t believe I never answered this question before. How do you answer “tell me about yourself with no job experience”?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people in a variety of
ways professionally. It can be involved with job search, hiring more effectively,
managing and leading, executive coaching . . . there's a lot that I do to help people
perform at a high level. Someone asked the question . .. I can't believe I've never
you know I can't believe haven't answered this before but I haven't how
do you answer, 'tell me about yourself' when you have no experience at all? Now,
I'm going to work with the assumption you're a recent graduate of course and
you're trying to find a job. So, you have a degree. - great right so here's the way
I would approach it you know I grew up in fill in the blank I'm going to use
myself as an example. I grew up in New. York. My family was working class and I
I went to high school at Taft High. School in New York have an undergrad
from CCNY and political science and I have a lot more than what I'm going to
talk about but I'm just going to end it at this point you know I have an
undergrad in political science and I'm looking for a position where I can
leverage that experience that training I have in political science because really
I love doing this kind of work I love the idea of helping a campaign helping
an organization be more effective I know. I've got a lot to learn because I just
learned what the basics in school and there's a lot more I'm going to need to
know in order to be good but I'd like to hustle for you that's one approach I'm
going to use a different kind of background again it's describing the
background that you had growing up notice this is like a 50 second to
answer right you know I grew up in New. York working-class parents and while I
was growing up, I noticed (fill in the blank-- something about what your life was
like at that point which prompted me to go for my undergrad in engineering
because I was fascinated by Phil Dubois now I've
gotten a good basic training at school you know my undergrad is that fill in
the blank and I want to learn and work hard so I can you know help an
organization in a variety of ways because I love this kind of work. I really would
like to get involved." Again, notice a concise answer talking about where you
grew up how you became fascinated in your field and that and then then you
segue into joining an organization knowing you've got a lot to learn and
you want to hustle for someone. So, I hope you found this helpful.
I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter visit my website,
There's a lot more there plus you can schedule time for a free discovery call,
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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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