Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains what you should do when you get a phone call from someone who wants to interview you from out of the blue.


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Phone interviews are easier and harder than face to face ones. They are harder because the interviewer will not be influenced by how handsome you are or what a great wardrobe they that you have. All that they have to listen to is your voice. On the other hand, phone interviews are easier than face-to-face ones because they can't see that you have your resume out in front of you, that you have talking points marked off on your resume or that you may have a book open to answers to questions that you tend to flub.

There are two different types of phone interviews that people can yet but today I'm going to focus on the phone interview that comes in and out of the blue. You know, someone found your profile on LinkedIn or your resume on a job board and decides to call you up and do a brief interview with you.

Today, I am going to cover the basic point of how to handle a situation like that. I'm a play the role of the caller.

So they call you up and say, "Steve? I'm Jeff Altman. I'm a recruiter and I saw your resume on a job board or read your LinkedIn profile and would like to talk with you about a job I have the client of mine. Is this a good time to speak?"

"No, Jeff. It isn't a good time. I am about to go into a meeting (I have a call scheduled for five minutes from now). I want to make sure I have time to speak with you. Can we schedule a time to speak?"

"Sure," and you schedule the appointment.

Then, before jumping off the phone, you ask, "would you take a minute and tell me about the role you want to speak with me about?"

Why is this such a great technique? You want to know what the target is then made them want to call you so that you can proactively address this in your conversation with them as opposed to just guessing.

When I speak about guessing, I'm talking about how you just talk about what you've done as opposed to talking about what you've done that matters to them.

The first one is just talking and talking and talking without really knowing what matters to them or what they are looking for. The other, is speaking about what your experiences that will help them with the work they need to have done. Big difference!

By just asking them at the beginning of the conversation, you know what they are looking for and target answers to questions.

After all, when a consultant comes to meet with someone, they don't just simply talk about what they can do for you. They ask a number of questions to understand what your problem is and then focus their discussion on the work that they can do you think can help you with your issue. You want to do the same thing as a job hunter.



Do you think employers are trying to help you? You already know you can’t trust recruiters—they tell as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.

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