Finding Out Where the Job Is When the Recruiter Won't Submit You.

Finding Out Where the Job Is When the Recruiter Won’t Submit

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter


Looking through a magnifying glassI’m going to let the cat out of the bag,

Third-party recruiters are extremely busy. As a result, many of them are taking short cuts when they post jobs on a job board or their own website.

Most of the time, we exact a job spec from the client so that we have the best information about the job it isn’t actually the best information about the job; what it is is the specification that was approved. Most of the time, job specifications morph the longer that interviewing goes on.

This week, I received an email from a member of my VIP program.

He had submitted his resume to an agent who promised to call him back later that day and who after 48 hours had not. In his heart of hearts, he knew this person kissed him off, even though his resume was a good fit for the job.

He asked me, “What can I do?”

I replied, “Send me the spec you saw from the agent and let me see if I can find the job.”

At this point, I’m on the bus with my laptop and wireless access so things are a little slower than when I’m using my office or home email but still, I found the job in less than 5 minutes.



I did a search by using a few sentences of the requirements of the job. If necessary, I would have tried a few sentences of the position description, too, but it wasn’t necessary.

I found the original job posting on a job site. Now when I went to the site, it seems that the position had expired on their site and what I found was something that was cached.

I spotted part of the organization’s name and, then, went to their website and found the senior management listed there.

If the management wasn’t listed there, I know a few sites to find out the names of the managers, might have used LinkedIn or just Googled it.

No matter, this is a good technique to use when you are rejected by the agent, really know you fit, and want your resume submitted.


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