So many people fail to get the results they want in their job search and feel DEPRESSED, SAD, FATIGUED. They’re STRUGGLING and don’t know what to do.

Here’s advice from the movie, The Godfather, that you can apply. Here’s a link to the scene


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Are you feeling depressed abuot your job search? Fatigued? Worn
out? Feel like you're going nowhere. I'm going to give you
advice from Marlon Brando in The. Godfather. I think, you know, we
can laugh about it but go watch it on YouTube. And I'll have a
link to it in the show notes, because I think it's very
Now it's old style gender bias stuff. And here's how it works.
In the movie, the Frank Sinatra character whose name is Johnny
Fontane goes to see Marlon. Brando, the Godfather, and he's
talking about his terrible problem. This Hollywood
producer's bought the rights to a best seller. And the leading
role, the leading man part is really made for him. So he sits
on The Godfather's desk on The. Godfather's side. And he says, I
don't know what to do. He won't give me the part. Oh, woe is me.
And Brando stands up and grabs him by the shoulders, and
basically rips him apart very quickly, referring to "Is this
what you're going to do? Cry like a woman? Or why don't you
be a man!" And it's all gender stereotype stuff.
And here's the fact of it. For most people, they can use that
kind of remark. And if you're struggling, you know, being
pathetic, feeling pathetic isn't going to do anything to change
things. Energetically, you've got to shift tit. I don't care
if that means you go out and exercise. I don't care. If you
do something vigorous. I don't care if you fake it until you
get to where you need to be.
Here's the fact of it--Being depressed, acting fatigued, and
doing things like that isn't going to help you. And anyone
who encourages you to go further into the feeling isn't doing
anything beneficial to help you.
What you need to do is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps,
and suck it up. Get at it. Do the things you need to do to get
the results that you want. Talk to more people. Practice
interviewing. Fix your resume.. Fix your LinkedIn profile, .
Take action. That's what's going to change things, not going, "I
feel depressed," and getting two "Poor babies" from friends and
family and what have you.
Pull it together. Take action.. Focus. That's the way you
change. I hope you found this helpful. I know it's a tough
lesson. I don't give a lot of these. But when I think it's
appropriate, this is what you hear-- no BS job search advice.
I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. Visit There's a lot more there in the blog. If
you want coaching about different aspects of your
search, you can schedule time with me to do that. Obviously I
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a great day. Be great!


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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