In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses both proper and improper eye contact during a job interview.

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Today, I want to respond to one of my followers who asked me to do a video about eye contact on an interview. He was a more explicit than that. E examplexcuse me, if I kind of wing it and cover a couple of different points.
I want you to understand that, when you're on an interview, you always want to be making eye contact. There's one exception I want to cover in the course of this video. You also want to make sure that your eye contact is pleasant, you want to make sure that you're not looking too intense.
To give an example of too intense and excuse me if this gets scary. But if there's any point where your eye contact starts to look like this, where your your eyes are so manic, and it's so intense, you're going to turn people off. So understand that eye contact has to be reasonable. You want to be looking intently at the individual. and if not directly at them in for some reason, you find them so unappealing to look at, you can look at here, you can look at here, most people can't tell the difference. So, as long as you're consistent that staring at these spots, no one will notice that you're not looking at them right here.
Now, here's one little trick with eye contact. If you're asked a difficult question, one of the things I've learned over the course of time is, sometimes, when people think, you don't want to be staring at someone. So, what you want to do if you're asked a tough question that requires a moment of thought, you want to break the eye contact and then come back to them. So, to illustrate, you may want to go something like this. "So that's a great question." And then you come right back to the eyes. So, you bought yourself two seconds or so to think you're filling in the air time by saying, "that's a great question." Or "That's an interesting question." Again, you're filling in air time so those silence that allows you to feel comfortable, that allows them to feel more comfortable.
Normally, if there's dead air during that period of time, it's kind of like, if I were to suddenly go, . . . you want to be you don't want to have that happen. So, filling it in with some chatter like that is useful to maintain the continuity. It buys you a few seconds to be able to then go, "that's a great question," and then come right back to their eyes, so that you're looking square at them as you answer.
Any time that you're like this for too long a period of time, you're going to lose them, you're going to lose the opportunity, it just not going to be interested. Because they're going to think you're weird and somewhere. Culturally, at least in the United States, I can't speak for every other nationality or every other place in the world. But you want to be having contact with the interviewer with your eyes. You want to create impression even if you're meeting someone at the reception and they've announced your name.
You're shaking your their hand. You want to be looking at them in the eye. Again, not that crazy caricature from earlier with the crazed eyes, but you want to have a friendly amenable look on your face. You want to start off in recruiting with them with a smile because it sets them at ease and allows you to be at ease.
After a few seconds you want to go into the serious mode. Take the smile off her face, and you go right to work. Again I contact all the time except that you're asked the tough question.


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