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Employment Gaps: Why Are Gaps in a Resume An Issue During an Interview? |

Employment Gaps: Why Are Gaps in a Resume An Issue During an Interview? |

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“What’s the problem,” someone asked. Here, I explain what the flag is for an employer.


The question is, "why are gaps in a resume an issue during an interview?" This is a question that was asked of me by someone and I thought this would be a great question to respond to. Let me ask you a question. If you were buying a car and you saw a dent in it, what would you think? The car was less valuable to you than the asking price. So why would you pay full price for that car if it had a dent in it?
If firm see a pattern of behavior where there are lots of gaps in the resume, it becomes a source of investigation. They want to find out is it you or circumstances. And you is you have no perseverance because there's always something that goes wrong in the way of work in the world of work. So, understand that, from their perspective, they want to know whether you can persevere through difficulties or whether you are a quitter. That's one element of it.
The most obvious one is really the one that they care about most, which is are they interviewing someone else's failure? I remember when I was a beginner in recruiting and, maybe it was my first or second week, and I was interviewing someone we've been on 19 interviews had never been in a job for more than eight months, had really changed over they were not a consultant or a temp. They were full time employees at all these places. I asked them, "so, why Did you change jobs?" They came up with an answer that would have been okay, if it had just been at one or two places, but we're dealing with six or seven. It wasn't plausible. It was about him.
So, let's look at it from your perspective. If an employer tells you, "I've had six people in this role now. They lasted about six months and then they leave." What are they telling you? It's telling you that, number one, is the job is awful and people are fleeing and, number two, they also may be telling you that I, as a manager, I'm awful and you should run before you ever get involved with me. The same is true of you, too.
When you're on an interview, and they're seeing gaps, they're wondering why they're talking to you because they take it as a message in some way, shape or form others have judged you and seeing you as the person most likely to fail and they've gotten rid of you. I'm obviously caricaturing there a little bit but, fundamentally, that's the issue they think it's you and they're looking for some plausible reason why it isn't.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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