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Do Recruiters Care When I Email Them? |

Do Recruiters Care When I Email Them? |

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EP1347 Do the recruiters take the time sent of the email into consideration before looking at the candidates resume?


"Do recruiters care when I emailed them?"  

When I 1st read the question. I interpreted it as do they mind that I send them an email.  As I read further, I understood that what the person really wanted to know was about whether it matters at what time, I emailed them.  Let me read the complete original question.

Do recruiters care when I emailed them?  It is 2 AM, and I received an email about a software engineering position earlier this afternoon.  Do recruiters take the time sent of the email into consideration before looking at the candidate's resume?

The short answer is, "No."  It doesn't matter.  Why?  You may think it indicates that you are excited/anxious… Things along those lines.  Remember, with "Delay Send," in Microsoft, Outlook and other email clients, you can set up your email so that it is sent at any time of the day or night.  They do not actually know if you have sent it at 2 AM. All they know is that it is date and time stamp for them at 2 AM but you can set it up to send it at 7 PM.

It also doesn't mean anything if your background does not fit.  After all, the most important variable for every recruiter is, "Does your background fit the job?"

Usually, this question comes from a less experienced person who may be stretching in order to try to get themselves considered.  After all, if you have the background, if you have the experience, there is no question that they will be in contact, right? If you don't have the experience, you start to look at all these tangential things as being important.

What time you sent your resume is small stuff.  The most important thing you can do is demonstrate how your background fits the job.


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