In the past months, I have been applying for jobs like crazy without any luck. Desperately I even applied to jobs that I’m overqualified, just to have an income and still no luck. I started to suspect that my foreign name (Slavic) may not be helping me. As an experiment, I made a CV identical to mine but I changed my name to something like “John Smith”; and applied again to those same jobs. Guess what? Over 80% response rate. I am really disgusted by most of the recruiters and employers.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in a number of different ways.
And someone wrote saying, "In the past months I've been applying
for jobs like crazy without any luck.. Desperately, I even applied to jobs that
I'm overqualified for just to have an income and still no luck."
I'm going to pause here for a second and say
that's not a guarantee depending upon your field because then they become
afraid that you're going to leave when something better comes along.
I digress. I started to suspect that my foreign name (which is Slavic)
may not be helping me. As an experiment I made
an identical cv to mine but all I did was change my name to something like
John smith and apply it again to the same jobs.
Guess what? 80% response rate. I'm really disgusted by the recruiters
and employers." And rightly so.. So, I'm a former recruiter
and i want to admit that there were times
where I would see a foreign long name that was unpronounceable to me
and when I was much much younger than I am today (look at this face. Do I look
young), you know I made that same kind of
judgment and then I realized how stupid and bigoted it was. I started to make the
phone calls and, obviously, there were people who were not . . .
did not speak well but I found a lot that did. And that became the issue. . .
the interpretation that someone with a name that i
was not familiar to me or i couldn't pronounce
readily might have poor oral communications.
So, that's the shorthand that people have because
they've dealt with people who've come to the US and don't speak well.
There's an easy workaround. Now, there are a couple that I've seen suggested.
For example, women sometimes will use a first initial
and a last name and they found that sometimes an E Jacobs doesn't let people
know that it's Emily. They think it might be Eric
and thus they get over some of the gender bias. I've seen on resumes that a
person who might be Asian might change from an Asian first
name to something more American. The classic
examples I've seen from women include. Wendy, where the first initial
when pronounced in the original language might also be a W
but they've anglicized it. Many people report this as an
issue and I know when we adopted our son who was born in central Asia,
his given name was local to his country and we decided to make that his middle
name and give him an American name first, because the bias does exist.
So, here I'm just going to quickly transition to those of you who are in HR
and recruiting and simply say you're missing an
opportunity by making assumptions about people
and, as such, I want to really discourage you from doing that
and for those of you who are the victims of this,
one of the other workarounds that's pretty easy to do
is to say in in a comments area or in a summary area
perfectly spoken" fill in the blank or well-spoken if, " it's not quite perfect
fill in the blank so that in this way they know that your
oral communications are good and they can be less fearful because
that's really the issue.. Many organizations want to have
someone who's well-spoken and so often they're afraid that when
they're calling someone from. . . uh with a name that they struggle
with or that's not familiar to them, they're going to be talking
to someone that they're not going to be able to understand.
I wish it were different. I owned up to my own stuff with that and I'm glad i
correct that many many years ago.. Hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff
Altman. My website is
Go there and go exploring. There'll be a lot there to help you.
In addition, if you're interested in one-on-one coaching during any element
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at this point. Hope you have a terrific day and be
great! Take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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