Coping With Job Loss: Process Your Feelings

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Whether you are a C suite leader or junior staff, losing your job is traumatic. Unfortunately, too many people try to push through their feelings.

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Coping with Job Search Rejection

Coping with job loss, losing a job can be emotionally devastating. The shock, grief, anger and fear can feel overwhelming. Today I want to provide you with some simple advice to help you process the emotional impact of being laid off or fired.

I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. People have hired me for years for my recruiting experience. But now they hire me because I provide no BS job search advice and coaching globally because I make the process much easier for people.

Suppressing your feelings or jumping into problem-solving mode too quickly will only prolong the pain. Instead, allow yourself to fully experience the wide range of emotions that come with losing your job. Give yourself permission to feel, express and release these feelings. It’s important part of working through the transition in a healthy way.

This might involve confiding in trusted friends or family, clergy, a therapist, allowing yourself to cry or vent if needed, journaling about your emotions or speaking with a counselor. Avoid suppressing your feelings or jumping into problem-solving mode too quickly because, the fact is, you’re not ready to go out and interview yet even though you think you are. Your feelings will leak through in the interview. You’ve seen it when you’ve interviewed people; the same is now going to be true of you.

Sorting through your feelings is an important part of working through the transition in a healthy way. Take time to listen to your emotional needs, because it will ultimately help you move forward through the next phase of your career in a positive mindset.

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