EP 2124 Office Hours were open! This week’s questions were: 

How to handle relo discussions during the pandemic? Ex. Sale and purchase of a home. Sale possibly a loss but still having to pay full price for a new home? etc.   

Do you believe that success depends more on what you know than on whom you know?  

Do you know what spray & pray means  

Why are they interviewing one more candidate (referral) after asking for my references?  I have been through a lengthy interview process and the recruiter responded that this one referral will be interviewed in the next few days. Is this a dead deal?     

How do I tell my boss I’m leaving?

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Hi, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career coach, a leadership coach and I've done recruiting for a heck of a long time and now I coach people throughout a career transition, hiring more effectively managing and leading workplace related issues. Last week, I started the first episode of career coach office hours as a live stream to answer questions. I haven't been able to get to because I'm coaching people. I'm developing content, I just released a book yesterday called the right answers to tough interview questions available for Kindle or as a paperback on Amazon and it's just a lot to do, so I decided at a minimum once a week on Fridays, I would try and do a live stream to answer questions from people. I just don't get to during the week, so if you have a question for me, what I'd like you to do is send an email to me at thebiggamehunter@gmail.com, in the subject line, put the phrase career coach office hours, so I know, what it's about.

I've got five questions this week to answer from people and the first one is:

How do you handle relocation discussions during the pandemic such as the sale and purchase of a home especially when the sale might involve a loss but still having to pay full price for a new home and such?

Now, let's work with the assumption, actually let me deal with this on multiple levels. If you're a staff level individual, you're out of luck, they're going to say, this is your problem and this is your concern not ours, they're not going to take on responsibility for you buying a home just because you've lost money on the existing one, so they'll basically dismiss this out of here. Now, that may impact your ability to make a decision to join and that's probably a good thing because that may put enough stress on them to sometimes change their mind and come up with a few $1,000 as a sign on bonus to help ameliorate some of the issues with the home sale that's going to cause a loss but in terms of buying the new home, you may try and negotiate and this is true for very senior people as well, trying to negotiate, moving costs, closing costs, all sorts of the costs related to the new place, so that you're not spending a lot out of pocket while moving to the new job, so at the point that the offer is made that's when you raise this subject. I'm sure they've touched on this before they spoke about some of their policies, you can ask about all the details of those policies in writing, so that this way, there's no confusion and just move on from there. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, you have to make a choice whether it's worth it to join this company under these circumstances, so that's the number one.

Question number two: Do you believe that success depends more on, what you know, then on whom you know?

I know the right answers to say on, who you know but here's the reality. Yes, you can be brought on for a job based upon who you know and yes, you can be brought on for a job based upon watch and know. The ideal is to be able to know people and know your subject, so that you're not floundering in a new job, so this either or question that it's one or the other to me is foolhardy. The reality is, if you're brought on based upon watch and now and you fail, you fail and why would you want to do that? Why would you put yourself in the position of getting nothing out of this experience and hurting yourself professionally as a result?

Next question: Do I know what spray and pray means?

Yes, I very much know, what spray and pray means and for those of you who don't, it's when you cast a wide net with your resume and shotgun it to the Western Hemisphere or some large body of people and hope to get results from doing that. There are businesses that are built around the idea of resume blasting, sending out to 1000s of recruiters, corporations and I think they charge a fee for that of course and you can do the same thing but here's some reality to it, spray and pray to companies directly doesn't work very much. You're always better off with an introduction from someone within that organization who will attest to your capabilities and thus advocate for you instead of just blasting. Now, sometimes people will think in terms of blasting is in response to ads that they see online regarding into the applicant tracking system when you're doing that and in doing it, the systems are designed to screen you well in days of old when there were humans who were screaming it a shot but with a lot of these systems, they're going to rank your resume very poorly and reject you and from an interview that I did for one of my podcasts some years ago, if you do it too often to the same organization, the HR people in that firm can start rejecting your resume through the system without ever seeing, so you don't want to be serially abusive with one organization when you're blasting your resume repeatedly for jobs that you in no way shape or form qualify like, I think this is the hospital and they were talking about someone who applied for a nursing job. A job in the kitchen at the hospital and three other things and they obviously weren't qualified but they just want to work at the hospital and did nothing to try and introduce themselves to people they're getting in the door, so that's what spray and pray is.

Question number four: Why are they interviewing one more candidate who was a referral after asking me for my references?

I've been through a lengthy interview process and recruiter responded to this one referral will be interviewed in the next few days. Is this a dead deal, not necessarily but it could be because one of the reasons they want to interview this person is enough, oh, they haven't committed to you off your slide but this could be a person who was referred to them by a senior individual in the organization, it could be that one miracle resume that just arrived at the last minute that looks perfect for the job and then want to just see if this person is better than regardless, you're in a situation where you don't have an offer yet and they want to talk to this one more person to see if they're better than you. What I would do during this period of time is number one, find out when they're interviewing, so this way, you have a reasonable expectation. Let's say it's next Tuesday for the sake of argument, Thursday, Friday, you follow up and you say "hi heard interview, go with that one final contender" and they'll tell you, "oh, that person had to reschedule" which is a message to you that they really prefer that background that they're holding you off, I would not stop looking for something else during this time. You have no guarantees that they're going to return to you to make an offer, so keep marketing yourself, keep promoting yourself.

Keep going on interviews and you can say to them, if there's a postponement, it seems like you're not completely sold on me, so I'm just going to keep interviewing and when you're ready to make a decision circle back to me. I'm not saying I wouldn't accept an offer from you but I'm aware that you're looking at someone else because you're not completely sold on "Oh, we think you're terrific". "Or you're great" but you haven't been offered yet. You're holding after this one person who's postponed for, I'm sure very valid reasons but you haven't made an offer to me, so I have to keep looking at other things and that makes it very clear to them that you're not sitting around waiting for the phone like a date on Wednesday night, for Friday night or Saturday. "Oh, will they call me", you're not going to do that you're just going to keep looking which puts a certain amount of pressure on them to make a decision before losing you, no threats. Notice, how I said, it sounds like you're not completely sold on me, so given that you're holding out for this person is already postponed once, I think I'll just reactivate my search and when you're ready to make a decision, let me know. I'd be very happy to join if the price is right and a few other things but in the meantime, I'm going to reactivate the search, so that becomes the way I would handle that scenario.
How do I tell my boss I'm leaving?

Here's a person who just got an offer with another company that they're going to take. They were working at this place for a few months and now they're in the process of training him to be, is this is him to become qualified for a higher position on the team. One person just left the company another is leaving in a week and that would be naked them, the third person gone in the span of about a month and they feel guilty manager is a nice guy and hate to do my job but I'm leaving them in the dirt for at this point as the third person who's going to be leaving in a month. What do you tell your boss? And it's Friday afternoon as you walk into your boss's office, assuming you have a letter in writing from them and you walk in and this is, what you say. Kind of a minute at which point they may say, "Oh, no, not you to which point you go". "Yeah, me too". "Why, How could you do this to me", "Well, I have to look out for me too and I've received an offer that I think is better than, what I have here and I'm giving you my notice and it just sound contrite in the midst of, they're upset" that's the most important thing, is sounding serious, humble, nice, caring, "so I'm a better offer. I've only been here for a few months, I know there's been turnover but that's not my story, my story is, I got a better offer, I'm going to be joining that firm and I'm sorry to leave you short but I'm providing you with notice to hire replacement for me" that's the way I'd handle it. Nice, friendly cordial, their responses not your concern. Some managers are yellows at a time like that because they're really frustrated by the fact that they're now in a position where they think they're hurt behind the APR and it's going to affect them and their performance review and how they're seen within the organization when really, it has nothing to do with them. Probably it has everything to do with you and what your needs are.

So, I'm about to bring office hours to a close. I'm Jeff Altman, If you have questions for me, again message me at thebiggamehunter@gmail.com in the subject line, put career coach office hours and if I don't get to it during the week, I'll definitely get to it on Friday as long as I don't have a lot of questions. Try to keep it to four or five in a given week and visit my website, thebiggamehunter.us there's a ton there in the blog that can help you with job search, hiring more effectively managing and leading as well as workplace related issues. Again, a great resource, if you're interested in my coaching you, what you can do is schedule time for a free discovery call or schedule time for coaching. I'd love to help. Hope you have a terrific day and most importantly, be great. Take care.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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