Should an Employer Be Able to Ask Whether a Candidate Is Vaccinated? (POLL)

Should an Employer Be Able to Ask Whether a Candidate Is Vaccinated? (POLL)

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

As someone who does career coaching, we’re coming up on a time when much of the population will be vaccinated for Covid 19.

But some won’t.

I’m not aware of any data dealing with the impact on newborns by vaccinating mothers while pregnant or of the impact upon conception for those women, too.

Maybe there’s nothing to worry about but I’m pretty well-read and hadn’t seen anything.

As a result, I decided to do a poll that asked a very simple question:


Should it be illegal to ask a job hunter whether they gave been vaccinated?


I offered 3 choices:

Yes! Safety at work is a must!

No! I have a right to privacy!

Not sure/Undecided


The poll is unscientific. I asked people I am connected with on LinkedIn who saw the poll in their feed and chose to respond. I did not restrict I did not restrict respondents to only US participants so please don’t interpret the results as supporters of one politician or another. I do not ask people when they reach out to connect or follow with me who their favorite political party is.

Yes! Safety at work is a must!     36%

No! I have a right to privacy!        53%

Not sure/Undecided                       10%


Some commented, too.

Creating two classifications of humans. I don’t think so.
Should I be able to ask you if you have AIDS? Should I be able to ask you if you have any health problems? Before you get hired.
Should I be able to ask you if you have disabilities, political beliefs . . .  before you get hired? You tell me what the hell the difference is


Having worked in hospitals I was required to have a flu shot. If I did not I had to take a lot of extra steps when Interacting with patients. I believe you can explain the employers’ policy on covid and ask if they will agree to the extra steps or to get a vaccine. Stick to policy explanation.

Only if it’s relevant to the work environment. If you don’t already ask or require certain vaccinations, the COVID shot should be no different

I will throw in possible HIPAA, privacy, discrimination, and civil rights violation in the mix.

These were among the comments people offered.


I cleaned up a few of the comments for grammar and punctuation. No underlining meeting was changed.

If you haven’t voted in this poll before, please leave below is what your thoughts are.

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