Things don’t always work out and you may feel hurt, in pain and so much more. Here I talk about bouncing back and developing resilience.

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Bouncing back. Also known as resilience.
The American Psychological Association defines resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress, whether that be family relationship problems, health, workplace or financial stressors. Thus, dealing with the stresses is not just something that you do, "hey, I've decided I'm going to be to bounce back from this." You really have to develop a muscle for this, and start working, ideally with someone else rather than trying to tough it out. Whether it's me or someone else, find someone that you can work with.
The way that you start developing resilience, the ability to bounce back, is first and foremost by making connections with other people. It could be close family members or friends or others. The idea becomes to make a connection, and being willing to accept support.
I know I've been part of men's groups for many years, where I've learned to trust other people and their care for me, and to start taking that advice from them, that support in from them.
Also want to say another thing that you can do is stop seeing "the crisis" as being insurmountable. Problems happen in life. Some are far worse and far more awful than others. . . But they're not insurmountable. You can recover from them. Understand that change, problems seem to be a part of living life. Thus, you may find that certain things that you aspire to are not attainable right now because circumstances are problematic. However, fundamentally, it doesn't mean that you can't achieve them.
So, keep moving towards your goals. Keep trying to move forward--small incremental steps with periodic big leaps but keep heading in that direction. Look for opportunities to take decisive actions. As much as you can put up with, take action, rather than withdrawing from others. Move forward, rather than pull back and look at this as an opportunity for both self-discovery and different types of action.
I also want to remind you that you may feel self-critical, and that's not going to help. All that's going to happen is you're going to feel hurt, you're going to be punishing yourself. And that's not lgoing to help you at al.
No matter what the circumstances that you're bouncing back from, being in a situation where others have hurt you badly, or you made a mistake, the idea becomes to learn from it and move ahead. And if you need to do something to take care of yourself so it's not always about the action, but understanding that there are times that you do need to withdraw . . . and try and balance them out as best you can.
You will bounce back if you want it. I'll simply say you'll feel better once you start moving forward, whenever that is. Hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff Altman, the big game hunter, visit my website, no BS coaching There's a lot there that will help you in one form or another, both personally and professionally. If you're interested in one on one coaching from me, connect with me on LinkedIn and forward slash i n forward slash the big game. Once we're connected message that you're interested in coaching will set up time for free discovery call. Hope you have a great day and take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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