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6 Things To Do When Hiring Warehouse Employees

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How can you do better?

If you own a supply chain company, your staffing needs may fluctuate. In some circumstances, a huge workforce may not be required, but in others (such as during peak season), you may need to hire a large number of new staff quickly. However, when the time comes, you should make every effort to make the best hiring possible to enhance efficiency.


How can you tell whether you’ve hired great people? Here are some pointers to get you started:


  1. Plan ahead for when you’ll need new employees.

In general, you should have a decent idea of when your staffing needs are likely to increase, so you can better plan for hiring. The further out you start your process from when you need all of your staff in place, the easier it will be to ensure you have not only enough but the right people.


  1. Increase your pay.

Increasing pay and providing better perks is an easy way to attract better employees. As a result, you will not only be able to attract talent as needed, but you will also retain the best employees from each new hire group.


  1. Establish connections with local institutions

Many people are actively looking for work in your region, but you may need to take the first step to establish yourself as a viable organization for them. Reach out to local institutions, such as four-year and community colleges, non-profits, and community groups while you’re looking for new warehouse talent. You can close the gap with the millennial workforce in this way, particularly with educational institutions. This will help you gain access to a valuable talent pool by working with organizations that may not even be aware that jobs are available.


  1. Maintain positive management-employee connections.

Many employees value a positive working relationship with management. Employer-employee relationships have a substantial impact on job satisfaction. Employees are more likely to want to stay with their supervisors if they enjoy working for them and respect them. Employees may have a more challenging time sticking with a manager who has poor interpersonal communication with them. It’s also critical to keep the lines of communication open. Employees should feel at ease approaching their supervisors in the event of challenges or needs. If good interaction with their manager is challenging, employees will feel less heard and less convinced to stay on board.


  1. Evaluate Your Employees’ Specific Needs

Employees in your city may have different requirements than those in a neighboring city. Begin by examining some of your employees’ needs and determining how you might meet them to make the workplace more appealing. For example, some employees may have transportation challenges if your warehouse is located in a more rural location. Some employees with children are burdened by the cost of daycare, which puts a strain on their finances. Employee-friendly environments that fulfill their needs can make a significant impact in maintaining and attracting new staff. Providing for these needs can help your employees overcome obstacles and make the workplace more desirable. In addition, it helps them in maintaining a good standard of living while at work.


  1. Be specific about your abilities.

There are a variety of warehouse roles available. Because different skill sets are required for each firm and role, be specific about the position you’re trying to fill and the responsibilities they all have.


Even though turnover rates are high, there are techniques to reduce turnover and establish a work environment and positions that are appealing to new talent. Taking action and following these steps will help you build a warehouse working community in high demand among employees in an increasingly competitive field.



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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