4 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Do For Your Resume

4 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Do For Your Resume

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Using Metrics in Your Resume

Today’s job market is busier than ever. Recent reports suggest there are almost nine million people searching for jobs. At the same time, estimates from job sites share that there are nearly 10 million job vacancies across the country. Together, this means that the present employment landscape is some of the most competitive in recent history. As such, people need to be smart from the get-go in order to seal their dream jobs. With resumes being among the essentials that job seekers must have, it’s important that these are as effective as possible. While most professionals already know how to make basic resumes, here are some extra steps and tips that applicants shouldn’t miss out on adding:

Use Metrics Throughout

Everyone knows the value of concrete numbers in a resume since these add evidence to the claims you make. However, lots of people tend to err on the modest side when using metrics. Often, this is because they’re wary of seeming impersonal. On the contrary, though, using metrics in your resume is one of the most effective ways to add validity to your achievements. While some recruiters may enjoy reading you wax poetic about how you contributed to yourgiving a resume to someone previous post, most will prefer to know exactly what your contributions resulted in. For instance, how much did you increase output? How many projects did you analyze for client satisfaction? How much higher did your team’s efficiency become? By adding solid metrics, you’re able to demonstrate your impact and increase your credibility.

Pad Your Qualifications

For starters, it’s important to note that padding your resume is not the same as lying. Lying on your resume is a big no-no since this is ethically incorrect and means you’re presenting falsehoods. On the other hand, resume padding with integrity is simply a more purposeful way of presenting your qualifications without misrepresentation. Some ways to do this include filling gaps in work experience with advanced learning qualifications and outlining your personal accomplishments too. For the former, this means that instead of simply letting your resume have a work gap, you’re able to proactively make up for it by highlighting your advanced or noteworthy training, certifications, and degrees instead. At the very least, this will even out your capability in the eyes of recruiters. Meanwhile, for the latter, by also sharing (select) activities you partake in personally you can give off a more well-rounded character. Among the activities that can be great padding for your resume include volunteer work since this shows reliability and leadership. Just make sure to balance out your padding so it’s nicely mixed in with work-related points for relevance.

Add Your Social Media Links

Admittedly, your social media presence can make or break your professional image. After all, a whopping 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates. Of this, 54% said that they rejected a candidate based on their social media profile. Having said that, your social media can also be optimized in your application’s favor. Up to 44% of hiring managers and employers shared that some of the content they found on an applicant’s social media was actually what convinced them to hire these individuals. Some of the most convincing social media content included posts that backed professional qualifications, showed creativity, and demonstrated a good grasp of communication. Thus, when you’re fixing up your resume don’t be afraid to include your social media links so long as you have the aforementioned type of content. Otherwise, you may want to do a social media clean-up. This is better than completely deleting your social media since this just seems disingenuous.

Try Alternative Mediums

In today’s rapidly changing employment environment, applicants would be remiss not to try something new aside from print resumes. This can help you both stand out and present yourself better. Currently, video resumes are becoming widely popular with major brands, like Shopify and Target (among a dozen others), using video resumes to assess talent. For many employers, such contemporary resumes are a great way to see personality in a way that may not translate as clearly through text. Since many companies are also underscoring company culture, inclusivity, and diversity, a video is a compelling medium for applicants. Having said that, a better way to ride on the popularity of these new resume mediums is to use them as a complementary add-on to your print resume. This way, recruiters and employers have a bevy of content from which they can better assess you.

Creating a resume may seem like a no-brainer for some applicants. But resumes can be much more powerful than expected when constructed with intention and creativity. Next time you’re looking to freshen your resume, try practicing some of these tips to help you get professionally ahead.

Ⓒ The Big Game Hunter, Inc., Asheville, NC 2022

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